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Miss Dora! for the love of God, they are coming! They're coming down the avenue, powdering along! Black Connal himself flaming away, with one in a gold hat, this big, galloping after, and all gold over, he is entirely! Oh! what will become of us, Master Harry, now! Oh! it took the sight out of my eyes! And yours as red as ferrets, dear! Oh! the cratur.

"You can bring that stuff with you," he then flung over a shoulder-strap, "and I advise you to put it where you had it before." A trooper saluted him some yards further on, and looked evilly at us as we followed with our loot. It was Corporal Connal of ours, and the thought of him takes my mind off the certainly gallant captain who only that day had joined our division with the reinforcements.

"I am no hypocrite," said Corny. "Rest to the dead and all their faults! White Connal is out of my poor Dora's way, and I am free from my accursed promise!" Then clasping his hands, "Praised be Heaven for that! Heaven is too good to me! Oh, my child! how unworthy White Connal of her! Thank Heaven on my knees, with my whole heart, thank Heaven that I am not forced to the sacrifice!

When the ladies went to dress before dinner, Mademoiselle, while she was presiding at Dora's toilette, expressed how much she was delighted with M. de Connal, and asked what her niece thought of him?

Ormond declined playing any more: he said that he had lost the sum he had resolved to lose, and there he would stop. Connal did not urge him, but laughing said, that a resolution to lose at play was the most extraordinary he had ever heard. "And yet you see I have kept it," said Ormond.

Our hero, who had stood leaning on the back of his chair, fearing that he had been too abrupt in what he had said, cast a lingering look at Dora, as her father spoke about White Connal, and as she replied; but there was something so unfeminine, so unamiable, so decided and bold, he thought, in the tone of her voice, as she pronounced the word marriage, that he then, without reluctance, and with a feeling of disgust, quitted the room, and left her "to manage her own affairs, and to take her own way."

Connal wrote to him, that the executrix, having no written order from the deceased to that effect, could not pay the five hundred pounds, lodged in the bank, for his commission, Ormond was on the point of flying out with intemperate indignation. "Was not his own word sufficient? Was not the intention of his benefactor apparent from the letters?

"Is her dressing-box in, and all right?" asked Captain Connal, as he handed Dora into the carriage, who was still weeping. "Bad compliment to M. de Connal, mon amie. Vrai scandale!" said Mademoiselle, pulling up the glass, while Dora sunk back in the carriage, sobbing without restraint. "Good morning," said Connal, who had now mounted his Mr. Ormond, "Adieu, Mr.

Only to win all the young man's fortune at play. A cela pres excepting this, he was sincerely Ormond's friend, ready to do every thing possible de faire l'impossible to oblige and entertain him. Connal enjoyed Ormond's surprise at the magnificence of his hotel.

Harry took fire, and instantly was much more ready than his opponent wished to give any other satisfaction that Mr. Connal desired. Well, "Name his hour his place." "To-morrow morning, six o'clock, in the east meadow, out of reach and sight of all," Ormond said; or he was ready at that instant, if Mr. Connal pleased: he hated, he said, to bear malice he could not sleep upon it.