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No doubt the words will seem flat and tame to the reader, but they never can seem that to me. "Nous n'avons que cela" will always be to me as pregnant with meaning as the famous to be or not to be. For it really amounted to that.

It is, at least, more humane than the slow, lingering process of exclusion, disappointment, and degradation, by which their hearts are worn out under more specious forms of tyranny; and that talent of despatch which Moliere attributes to one of his physicians is no ordinary merit in a practitioner like Cromwell: "C'est un homme expeditif, qui aime a depecher ses malades; et quand on a mourir, cela se fait avec lui le plus vite du monde."

You see nothing vehement or obtrusive in my manner; am I not tranquil enough?" "Ce n'est pas cela " began Frances. "English!" I reminded her. "Well, monsieur, I wished merely to say, that I should like, of course, to retain my employment of teaching. You will teach still, I suppose, monsieur?" "Oh, yes! It is all I have to depend on." "Bon! I mean good. Thus we shall have both the same profession.

Cela ne se peut pas; comme tout ici est si charmant." ... There was no reply to be made to such an appeal, so I bowed, paid, and retired. Then the bridge was blown up, the streets speckled with bullets. As we advanced the marks of war became stronger and stronger, every village wore a rueful aspect, and every individual told a tale more and more harrowing to the feelings.

The older man looked at him in astonishment. "But he is only a child, Polly! Cela me passe!" "Mebbe I am only a kid," the boy retorted resentfully. "But I reckon I'm man enough to handle any Roush that ever lived. I wasn't askin' for help from you-uns that I heerd tell of." The younger man laughed. He was six or seven years older than the girl, who could not have been more than seventeen.

There are not many fishermen who can say that. But," he added, with confidential emphasis, "c'etait votre sacre p'tit poisson qui a fait cela." That was a touch of human nature, my rusty old guardian, more welcome to me than all the morning's catch. Is there not always a "confounded little minnow" responsible for our failures?

"Ah, quelquechose!" cried Mademoiselle Mars, clasping her hands in the imagined distress of the situation; "rien deuxmots seulement. 'Ah, monsieur! quand il dit, 'Rassurez-vous, madame, le duc n'est point blessé." "Eh bien! dites, dites comme cela," cried De la Vigne, amazed at all the expression the exquisite voice and face had given to the two words.

Et cependant, malgre cela je suis d'une tristesse mortelle, et j'ai beau me raisonner la-contre. Nous avons ete si heureux ensemble a Paris, malgre notre sale petite rue que je vois bien la verite de ce que tu m'as dit qu'il vaudrait mieux vivre dans n'importe quel tandis, ensemble, que dans des palais, et separes.

There I should be immediately asked: 'Mais qu'est ce que c'est donc que ce petit Sapajou que vous avez embrasse si tendrement? Pour cela, l'accolade a ete charmante'; with a great deal more festivity of that sort.

Vous assurez qu'il ne se fait plus de miracles; mais qui vous l'a dit? ou cela est-il ecrit? Jesus-Christ assure, au contraire, que ceux qui auront autant de Foi qu'un grain de seneve, feront, en son nom, des miracles plus grands que ceux qu'il a faits lui-meme. Depuis quand etes-vous les directeurs des operations divines, pour les reduire a certains temps & dans la conduite ordinaire?