"But this is midsummer madness," said I. "Suppose it is, what matter?" He waved a great hand and fortuitously caught a waiter by the arm. "Même chose pour tout le monde." He flicked him away. "Now, this is business. Will you come and rough it? The Vesta isn't a Cunard Liner. Not even a passenger boat. No luxuries. I hope you understand."

And the beau monde rushed to see them at the houses of the bolder lady-entertainers, the eccentric and foreign ones like the Princess, who in order to draw society recoiled from no "attraction." But when Pierre had explained to little Massot that he was still running about on the same business, the journalist obligingly offered to pilot him.

In this analysis, we have deemed it right to concentrate all our attention upon the Mécanique Céleste. The Système du Monde and the Théorie Analytique des Probabilités would also require detailed notices.

The record appears to be thirty-seven holes in one day, and the pilot in question claims to be the "record man du monde." Zeppelins have not maintained their reputation in this war. One sailed over Sir John French's headquarters and indicated the position to the enemy, but they are no match for the swift and agile aeroplanes.

Tout le monde, carte blanche enbonpoint sauve que peut entre nous revenez nous a nous moutons!" The horrified sans-culottes shrink back in terror as the Gray Wolf seizes Maria by the hair and cuts her into twenty-nine pieces, each exactly the same size.

I am not in the least one of those who think that the society of women who have lost their place in the vrai monde is necessary to form a young man. I have never taken that tone. I have kept my place myself, and I think we are a much better school than the others.

"Oh, il est du vrai grand monde, du vrai grand monde," said the Prince in his loud, self-assured tone as he went out of the station with his sister-in-law, accompanied by the respectful guards and porters. At this moment from behind the corner of the station suddenly appeared a crowd of workmen in bark shoes, wearing sheepskin coats and carrying bags on their backs.

Some insistent ones pounded on the door of a restaurant far in the distance. "Dites donc, patron! Nous avons faim, nom de Dieu! Est-ce-que tout le monde est mort ici?" "Only a host of phantom listeners, That dwelt in the lone house then, Stood listening in the quiet of the moonlight To that voice from the world of men." It was that kind of silence, profound, tense, ghostlike.

His mother was a haughty, frivolous woman, jealously tenacious of her position as one of the oligarchs of le beau monde, and his fragile sister had from childhood been the victim of rheumatism that frequently rendered her entirely helpless.

Almost every subject in the world has its proper time and place; in which no one is above or below discussion. The point is, to talk well upon the subject you talk upon; and the most trifling, frivolous subjects will still give a man of parts an opportunity of showing them. 'L'usage du grand monde' can alone teach that.