They were seven six rowers and a coxswain and all robed in russet gowns that reached to their ankles. The Trappist monks! "La domesticite n'a eu aucune influence sur le developpement intellectuel des mouflons que nous avons possedes. . . . Les hommes ne les effrayaient plus; il semblait meme que ces animaux eussent acquis plus de confiance dans leur force en apprenant a nous connaitre.

But now-a-days, as the rustic physician says in Molière's play of the "Médecin Malgré Lui," "nous avons changé tout cela." Modern science has shown conclusively that every kind of chemical atom is composed of particles of one original substance which appears to pervade all space, and to which the name of Ether has been given.

Martha Washington and the good ladies of her acquaintance knew nothing about the upper waters of the Missouri, and the words "for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer" were not merely literature to them. 'Nous avons change tout cela', although there are yet certain crudities to be eliminated.

Pas tant de belles phrases, mais du pain, du pain, il n'y a point ici de conspirateurs nous demandons du pain parceque nous avons saim." "Bread, bread, rogue! what have you done with our money? Fine speeches won't do 'tis bread we want. There are no conspirators among us we only ask for bread, because we are hungry." See Debates of the Convention.

At that time there was indeed no enemy to female chastity like the former article of man-millinery: the delicate whiteness of the glove, the starry splendour of the fringe, were irresistible, and the fair Adorna, in poor Lee's tragedy of "Caesar Borgia," is far from the only lady who has been killed by a pair of gloves. * Thank Heaven, for the honour of literature, /nous avons change tout cela!

Mais nous avons change tout cela. The lady of the house now thinks first of amusing herself, and arranges to sit between two favorites. Society has become much simpler, and especially less expensive, for unmarried men than it used to be.

Being most sensitive to pain, as well as to pleasure, he was an exception to that rule of Rochefoucauld's "nous avons tous assez de force pour supporter les maux d'autrui." He did not bear easily the misfortunes of others, and the evils of his own lot were heavy enough. They saddened him; but neither illness, nor his poignant anxiety for others, could sour a nature so unselfish.

Formerly it was the act of the husband that bound the wife; mais nous avons change tout cela; the act of the wife binds the husband. I appeal unto Caesar.

My dear sir, do forgive me for not shooting you. Nous avons change tout cela. Please don't look so nervous. Please do unclasp your hands " He was alone. "That's all right," he exclaimed, and strolled to the door. The hansom was disappearing round the corner. "That's all right," he repeated in more quavering tones as he returned to the drawing-room and saw that it was littered with sweet-peas.

"Ils paraissent si excédés du grand monde et des fêtes, qu'avec d'autres petites difficultés qui se sont élevées, nous avons décidé qu'il n'y aurait rien