But I sometimes got into scrapes by mixing up the Greek prince with a Polish count, and then confounding either one or both with a Hungarian pianoforte player. Without formulating my deductions, I came instinctively to the conclusion that 'En fait d'amour, as Figaro puts it, 'trop n'est pas meme assez. From Miss Aglae's point of view a lover was a lover.

Sword in hand, his resolute mind unshaken, the Louisianian follows the Stars and Bars, devoted and never despairing. "Quand meme." In the long silent days at Lagunitas, the patient wife learns much from the cautious disclosures of Padre Francisco. Her soldier husband's letters tell her the absent master of Lagunitas is winning fame and honor in a dreadful conflict.

Ce qu'il y a de remarquable c'est qu'on retrouve les memes mots dans les endroits les plus eloignes, des mots Anglais et Francais qui ont leur origine dans le Sanskrit; et de meme pour d'autres idiomes.

I am told that strangers are received with the utmost hospitality at Prince -'s, 'que lui il fait bonne chere, et que Madame la Princesse donne chere entire; mais que sa chair est plus que hazardee ou mortifiee meme'; which in plain English means, that she is not only tender, but rotten.

I shall not enter in detail into the nature of the charges pressed in certain cases, but confine myself to quoting the close of a peroration which would have done Demosthenes credit: "Meme le balayeur a tire un coup!" The individual in question mildly deprecated M. le Surveillant's opinion, while the audience roared and rocked with laughter of a somewhat ferocious sort.

I can't say I am altogether at my ease when I see anywhere in my path that meagre, squalid, famine-faced spectre, poverty; attended as he always is, by iron-fisted oppression, and leering contempt; but I have sturdily withstood his buffetings many a hard-laboured day already, and still my motto is I DARE! My worst enemy is moi meme.

In England did the young men see the young women of their own class without restraint the sisters of their friends même even at the house? 'Co-ed' co-educationalist by Jove, yes!... He seemed to marvel that we should have left a country so blessed as England to visit his dusty, wild-lavender-smelling, girl-less Provence.... You don't know half your luck, Marsham....

She waltzed and somersaulted round the stage, and as the curtain fell she stood before the footlights, panting, her thin arms raised triumphantly. He could see the tortured pulse leaping in her throat. He thought he read her lips as they moved in a voiceless exclamation: "Quand meme quand meme." The audience melted away indifferently. They, at any rate, did not know what they had seen.

Vladimir Nikolaitch spoke French very well, English well, and German badly; that is the proper thing; fashionable people would be ashamed to speak German well; but to utter an occasional generally a humorous phrase in German is quite correct, c'est meme tres chic, as the Parisians of Petersburg express themselves.

Nodding at me with a gentle look, she cast her eyes on the paper and began to read: "Calmez vous, mon amie, il vous aime et il vous cherche. Dans quatre heures vous serez heureuse. Allons du courage, et surtout soyez maitre de vous meme." "Thanks!"