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And really another French soldier, trailing his musket, ran up to the struggling men, and the fate of the red-haired gunner, who had triumphantly secured the mop and still did not realize what awaited him, was about to be decided. But Prince Andrew did not see how it ended. It seemed to him as though one of the soldiers near him hit him on the head with the full swing of a bludgeon.

In the bright halo of the scene I saw the beautiful King's Highway, on which were marching the hosts of the church militant, led triumphantly by the Spirit of God to the very gates of the Celestial City, which, though distant, I could yet see under the dazzling light radiating from the central throne of glory as from untold suns.

"I am afraid you will think we keep very early hours," she began. "It is one of the best rules in my uncle's philosophy," he interposed. Yet though glad enough to have come so triumphantly to the end of his ordeal, he could not bring himself to let his charming disciple leave him in a wounded or even disappointed mood.

"Here it is!" she cried triumphantly. "It is really soiled for I have kept it out for two or three years. This does not look as Aunt Harriet does now. It was taken a long time ago." As she talked she held out the card to Hester. "Why, that is the picture I liked so well. When you were not here that first evening I was alone, I looked over your pictures.

"Within a stone's throw of my house and yours," added Alfred triumphantly. "Think of our never having met her before!" "I am thinking," said Jimmy. "Of course she has been away from home a great deal," went on Alfred. "She's been in school in the East; but there were the summers." "So there were," assented Jimmy, thinking of his hitherto narrow escapes.

"Eva remained at the hospital," the countess added dejectedly, "because a dying woman would not let her go; whilst I the knight is right could bear it no longer." Frau Christine glanced triumphantly at her husband, but when she saw Cordula's pale cheeks she exclaimed: "Poor child! And there was no one here to One moment, Countess!"

The innkeeper cast a sly glance at Mathurin. He said: "And your brother, Mathurin, where's he now?" The sailor laughed silently: "Don't worry; he's warm, all right." And both of them looked toward Jeremie, who was triumphantly putting down the double six and announcing: "Game!" Then the owner declared: "Well, boys, I'm goin' to bed.

Hardy's brains, the edges are a little sharpened and pointed, I can see where the author has been at work filing; on the other hand, it is not synthesized the magical word which reveals the past, and through which we divine the future is not seized and set triumphantly as it is in "Silas Marner."

Rachael said quickly. "Don't you believe it, my dear!" Mrs. Haviland returned triumphantly. "Carol was very demure, 'Tante' this and 'Tante' that, but I knew right away that something was amiss! 'Oh, I said right out flatly, 'are you alone here, Carol? and she answered very prettily: 'Vivian was to be here, but she hasn't come yet! This was after half-past seven."

"Don't stir, Mas'r Harry!" cried Tom triumphantly. "Keep watch over 'em, or some one else will swear as he did it. I'll be back in less than half an hour." Then, before I could utter a word of remonstrance, Tom had dashed off, leaving me to my loathsome wardership.

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