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He it was who had access to many of those mysterious vaults I have spoken of. Often he might be seen groping his way into them, followed by his subalterns, the old quarter-gunners, as if intent upon laying a train of powder to blow up the ship. I remembered Guy Fawkes and the Parliament-house, and made earnest inquiry whether this gunner was a Roman Catholic.

"I may want to tack presently, and it will not do for us to miss stays, with that galley watching for a chance to dash in upon us." Then he faced about to his crew and shouted for the gunner. "Mr Barker," he said, "I am of opinion that yonder galley intends to attack us. But if she does not, we must attack and take her.

The people in there will think that she has been captured, and we shall get right in the middle of them before they find out that they have caught a tartar." "By Jove, that is a first-rate idea!" To their surprise, the men were at once called away from their guns and divided into two parties. Edgar and the boatswain commanded that gathered forward, Wilkinson and the gunner that aft.

But the turnpike-keeper had a piece of luck: outside the station he met a gunner, who readily told him the address "11 Markt Strasse, up two flights of stairs" and showed him the way to go. The two flights of stairs tried the old man sorely. He had to wait on the first landing in order to get his breath. "Have I grown old all of a sudden?" he asked himself in surprise.

They put him for the moment in a gas-proof shelter, higher up the hill, and several hours later I saw him being carried away on a stretcher, apparently lifeless. But he finally pulled through. A gunner who was with him in the dug-out came running into the Command Post crying out that he also was gassed. I made him lie flat on the floor, and told him to keep as quiet as he could.

By this occasion we were at the town a large hour sooner than first was purposed. For we arrived there by three of the clock after midnight. There we found six great pieces of brass ordinance, mounted upon their carriages, some Demy, some Whole-Culvering. We presently dismounted them. The gunner fled.

And at noon or thereabouts the King, dressed in green as a husbandman, sat on a log to await a gun-fire, in the forest that was near to Richmond river path opposite Isleworth. He had given to Katharine a paper that she was to deliver to the master gunner of Richmond Palace in case the Queen Anne did satisfy her that the marriage was no marriage.

"Step lively, you blasted scum of the seas," he bawled to the mate, and the crew gathered around the gun. "Lug up a case of ammunition and we'll shell that bush until even a parrot won't be left alive in it." "Aye, aye, sir," responded the crew to a man, and sprang to their task. "I'm an old navy gunner," said the first mate quietly. "I'll handle the gun.

He felt that the eyes of the gunner with the sponge staff were on him, had been on him for some time. Quite involuntarily he moved, with a sudden gesture, as though he evaded a blow. A sergeant's voice came through the twilight, the wind and the rain. "Deaderick!" The man by the gun moved, took up the sponge staff that had rested beside him, turned in the darkness and went away.

It was seen by hundreds of men who thought it was about to fall upon them, and ran for shelter. Meanwhile, Guynemer's engine was singing. And for the fourth time it was heard again at twilight. Could it be possible? Had Guynemer really succeeded four times? Four machines brought down in one day by one pilot was what no infantryman, gunner, pioneer, territorial, Anamite or Senegalese had ever seen.

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