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"They'd make first-rate 'copy, wouldn't they?" "I'm awfully sorry for you, Soames, and I make all possible allowances; but what earthly right have you to insinuate that I should make 'copy, as you call it, out of you?" The poor fellow pressed his hands to his forehead. "I don't know," he said. "I had some reason, I know. I'll try to remember. He sat plunged in thought. "That's right.

This was the pleasure which Edith was now able to enjoy with Dudleigh as her companion, and the country was one which afforded the best opportunity for such exercise. Dudleigh was, as has been said, a first-rate horseman, and managed his steed like one who had been brought up from childhood to that accomplishment.

Then the boat 'ud have to come ashore for you next night; and the schooner 'ud have to be kept well in the offing during the daytime." "Should I be able to obtain a good, uninterrupted view of the harbour from the point you name?" I demanded. "First-rate, sir; couldn't be better," answered Hoard.

"Celia can do any thing!" and Thorny gave an all-embracing wave of the hand, which forcibly expressed his firm belief in his sister's boundless powers. "I made some poetry once. Bab and Betty thought it was first-rate, I didn't," said Ben, moved to confidence by the discovery of Miss Celia's poetic skill.

"He could have told me the Indians were aboard long before I knew it myself. Dr. Christobal deceived me so admirably that I am not sure yet if I have forgiven him." "He is a first-rate chap in an emergency," said Courtenay, "though I have a bone to pick with him, too. He promised to call me at eight o'clock, but I expect he and Boyle, or Tollemache, conspired to let me sleep on.

"But you ought to be here and look across the woods some morning just at sun-up. Why, the sky is all yaller and red, and them low lands topped with fog! Yes, it's nice weather, good growin' weather, this week. Corn and all the rest of the trade looks first-rate. I call it a forrard season. It's just such weather as we read of, ain't it?" "I don't remember where, just at this moment," said Mr.

In any portraiture of Booth, those years, the Bowery Theatre, with its leading lights, and the lessee and manager, Thomas Hamblin, cannot be left out. I remember seeing him in the title role in "Julius Caesar," and a capital performance it was. To return specially to the manager. Thomas Hamblin made a first-rate foil to Booth, and was frequently cast with him.

Shall we find you a first-rate constituency to contest at the next election? One that wont cost you a penny. A metropolitan seat. What do you say to the Strand? FRANKLYN. My dear Burge, I am not a child. Why do you go on wasting your party funds on the Strand? You know you cannot win it. BURGE. We cannot win it; but you FRANKLYN. Oh, please! SAVVY. The Strand's no use, Mr Burge.

"Stop a minute; here's a first-rate tom-cod; let me put him on;" and he took the string and added the fish to his gift. "I never shall forget you, Tommy; I shall only borrow the two cents; I will pay you again some time," said she, in a low tone, so that Johnny could not hear her. "Never mind 'em, Katy. Don't go hungry again for a minute. Come to me, and I'll help you to something or other."

Indeed, the pranks of pedantry, the pretensions to knowledge, and the humor with which it is mostly displayed, render these scions of divinity, in their intercourse with the people until the period of preparatory education is completed, the most interesting and comical class, perhaps, to be found in the kingdom. Of these learned priestlings young Denis was undoubtedly a first-rate specimen.

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