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But he did not trust Yasmini either, nor did he relish her scornful promise of a mere percentage of the hoard when it should at last be found. He wanted at least the half of it, bargains to the contrary notwithstanding; and he had that comfortable conscience that has soothed so many priests, that argues how the church must be above all bargains, all bonds, all promises.

"Then," said Brown, "you deserve to die for having no more money for us." "True," chimed in Lane. "Once more, will you produce your secret hoard?" "I have none." "Then you must be dealt with in the usual way. Brown, have you a rope?" "Yes." "Is there a convenient tree near by." "We'll find one."

There is a pinched hard look about the lower part of her face which makes me fancy she is mean. I believe she would hoard her money, and make a great talk and fuss about nothing. Yes, I hope Granger will marry again. The house is very fine, isn't it, since its renovation?" "It is superb, papa. Dearly as I love the place, I did not think it could be made so beautiful."

Without doubting the evidence of my senses, I was forced to believe that, by the oddest piece of luck, I had stumbled upon the hiding-place of that hoard of doubloons, on which my fair unknown drew from time to time as she would out of a bank. But who was she? and where was her home?

And the chance that would be afforded her, by sending him this gift, of showing how far she was from bearing him ill-will, cheered the sad mother's heart. She went upstairs and took from a locked drawer a little box, out of which she poured a hoard of broad unworn guineas that had lain there many a year. There were a hundred in all, and she divided them into two heaps, fifty in each.

"O-ho, I thought you was broke!" He opened the purse with great deliberation, laying bare a great sheaf of bills, and as his wife and daughter came hurrying down the steps he counted the hobo's hoard. "Over eight hundred dollars," he announced with ominous calm. "Some roll, when a man is bumming his meals and can't even stop to say thanks " "He's coming back for it," broke in his wife anxiously.

Howso little it quaketh Laid here on the dish, Yet far less it quaked In the breast of him laid. "So far mayst thou bide From men's eyen, O Atli, As from that treasure Thou shalt abide! "Behold in my heart Is hidden for ever That hoard of the Niblungs, Now Hogni is dead. Doubt threw me two ways While the twain of us lived, But all that is gone Now I live on alone.

It was, of course, her own settled opinion that her uncle ought to leave that box with her and Isaac; and it had wounded her vanity, and her affection besides, that John had never yet made any such proposal, though she knew as, indeed, the village knew that he was perplexed as to what to do with his hoard.

Forgive the interruption.... Anyway," he added, "we're here." The taxicab was drawing up before an apartment house entrance. Hastily recovering his hoard of gold-pieces, P. Sybarite jumped out and presented one to the driver. "Can't change that," said the latter, staring. "Besides, this was a charge call." "I know," said P. Sybarite apologetically; "but this is for you."

How fortunate to be sprung exclusively from the loins of centuries of angels and to know all about them! Consider the hoard of virtue to which you have fallen heir!

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