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In doing so he stumbled over a pile of books and went down in a heap. "Serves you right," said Jack. "Just for his making fun of Will I vote we elect Will as one of the burglars." The others agreed, even Sam, and Will regained his good nature. "How about masks?" asked Sam. "I'll make some," replied Jack, and, from some pieces of black cloth, he quickly cut two false-faces.

He stumbled over a can of some sort, but the wind was rattling everything movable, so he merely swore under his breath and went on. He was not a range man for nothing, and he found his way easily to the adobe house with LAS NUEVAS over the door, and the adobe wall with the plank gate that had been closed. It was closed now, and the house itself was black and silent.

And once you are away from here, remember that when Danglar is in the hands of the police he will take the only chance for revenge he has left, and give the police all the information he can, so that they will get you too." He stumbled pitifully. "I can't walk much yet." He was striving to speak coolly.

Wait here with your baggage, and I will go forward and prepare your family. Your father is an old man; and . . . " I stumbled . . . "there are decencies to be observed." "Truly," said he, "this Mackellar improves upon acquaintance. But look you here, my man, and understand it once for all you waste your breath upon me, and I go my own way with inevitable motion." "Ah!" says I. "Is that so?

The man hunters were alert, but it was their secret hope that the two famous outlaws would destroy each other, but how the wild chase would end no one could know. At last Buck Daniels rode to tell Kate Cumberland strange news. When he stumbled into the ranch house, Kate and her father rose, white-faced. There was an expression of waiting terror in their eyes. "Buck!" cried Joe. "Hush!

and hung on the last note, to be sure that she would be heard by him. Braintop saw the cigarette dash into sparks on the grass. At the same moment a snarl of critical vituperation told Emilia that she had offended taste and her father. He shouted her name, and, striding up to her, stumbled over Braintop, whom he caught with one hand, while the other fell firmly on Emilia.

The girl turned to her with a rapid flow of soft liquid Spanish and the old crone, weeping and muttering, stood aside to let them enter. Thode was forced to stoop under the low, sagging doorway and he stumbled as he made his way to a rickety bed in the corner and laid his burden down. The girl took the light from the old shaking hands and together they bent above the injured lad.

The hot tears smarted like salt in the cuts on his cheek as he stumbled up the aisle toward the dressing rooms. Someone came running up behind him. A hand grasped his arm and he heard a voice say: "Just a minute, my boy, I want to talk to you."

She was hobbling along, leaning heavily on two sticks, and just as she stumbled and almost fell, a young Englishman came up and offered her his arm. In an old diary, written years before in the Argentine, during a time when Miss Macnaughtan was faced with what seemed overwhelming difficulties, and when she had in her charge a very sick man, a kind stranger came to the rescue.

At first her eyes, still blurred with the lamplight, could not distinguish the footpath, and she stumbled over the grassy border into the wheel-ruts; then, feeling the loose dust under her feet, she ran and ran and ran.