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Now he was drawing out on a highland, and below him stretched the light yellow-green of the willows of the bottom land. He halted his pony and swung a leg over the horn of his saddle. Then he rolled a cigarette, and while he inhaled it in long puffs he scanned the trees narrowly. Miles across, and stretching east and west farther than his eye could reach, extended the willows.

Cyril, who lay stretched among the ferns, his chin resting in his hands and a cigarette in his mouth, was looking on with the deepest interest. 'Brother, said Sinfi, turning to me, 'your thoughts are a-flyin' off agin; keep your spirits up afore all these.

Miss Groom here puckered her lips, and breathed a little destructive laugh upon her cigarette ash. "It did not last long," she said. "We encountered very bad weather, and his nerves again went by the board.

Fulkerson struck a match against the ribbed side of the porcelain cup that held the matches in the centre of the table, and lit a cigarette, which he began to smoke, throwing his head back with a leisurely effect, as if he had got to the end of at least as much of his story as he meant to tell without prompting. March asked him the desired question. "What in the world for?"

The steamer's winches rattled as they hove up cargo from the barge, but Jake had seen that there was not much left and she would sail as soon as the last load was hoisted in. Lighting a cigarette, he ran his eye along the saloon-deck. A few passengers in white clothes walked up and down, and he studied their faces as they passed the lights, but Kenwardine was not among them.

"Duson was, after all, a valet, a person of little importance. There is no one to whom his removal could have been of sufficient importance to justify such extreme measures. With you it is different." Mr. Sabin knocked the ash from his cigarette. "Why not be frank with me, Mr. Passmore?" he said. "There is no need to shelter yourself under professional reticence.

I know I'm terrible," she added defiantly, "but I can't help it." Bashford absent-mindedly brought out a cigarette. "Do you mind if I smoke?" he asked, as he struck a match. Then he came to himself. "I beg your pardon," he cried, flinging away match and cigarette. "I don't want to smoke. I didn't mean that at all. What I mean is "

Adelaide and Arthur went to the side veranda. When Arthur had lighted a cigarette, he looked at it with a grim smile it was astonishing how much stronger and manlier his face was, all in a few hours. "I'm on my last thousand of these," said he. "After them, no more cigarettes." "Oh, it isn't so bad as all that!" said Adelaide.

A moment later "Appunto!" "The clock is striking. I am done for." "Appunto!" and he lighted a cigarette. So I had to travel by night, instead of by day.

He then ushered them into his house, spread rugs and cushions for them to sit upon and mildly inquired what had brought the son of his old friend so far. "The rulers of Allaha," observed Bala Khan, "have always been half mad." Ramabai nodded in agreement. "You should never have gone back," went on Bala Khan, lighting a cigarette and eying Kathlyn with wonder and interest.