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And all the time the volcanic ash drifted down through the writhing tree-tops, while the boys and their companions were unable to stand erect. Unlike the former trembling of the earth, this experience gave no immediate promise of cessation. The world rocked on in awful throes as though it really was, as the black man feared, the end of all material things.

Swift as lightning, Jock sprung up into an ivied ash; but the less ready Bob was caught by the leg as he mounted, and pulled down again, while his captor shouted, "If there's any more of you young varmint up yonder, you'd best come down before I fires up into the hoivy." He made a click and pointed his gun, and Robin shrieked, "Oh, don't! We are Colonel Brownlow's sons; at least, I mean nephews.

"You owe me nothing at all. I have not traveled in your train, and I shall not travel in it. I tell you once more, you're wrong in your beliefs; but till I can prove that I'll not risk any argument about it." "Then why do you come to my camp now?" "You should know." "I do know. It's Molly!" "It's Molly, yes. Here's a letter from her. I found it in the cabin at Ash Hollow.

You may guess whether or no I hurried along between ash "backets" of the most unparklike Gifford Park, how sharply I turned and scudded along Hope Park, dodging the clothes' posts to the right, from which prudent housewives had removed the ropes with the deepening of the twilight. The dark surface of the Meadows spread suddenly before me in an amplitude of bleakness.

Again, we would pass through darkened, narrow channels, where adverse waters sped swiftly, and where we battled not only with deep currents, but had often to chop our way through barriers of green tree-trunks, hickory, ash, and birch, which the soft soil on the banks had been unable to longer hold erect.

Here, then, we have a large and motley group of objects the forked rod of ash or hazel, the springwort and the luck-flower, leaves, worms, stones, rings, and dead men's hands which are for the most part competent to open the way into cavernous rocks, and which all agree in pointing out hidden wealth.

I have, as you know, devoted some attention to this, and written a little monograph on the ashes of 140 different varieties of pipe, cigar, and cigarette tobacco. Having found the ash, I then looked round and discovered the stump among the moss where he had tossed it. It was an Indian cigar, of the variety which are rolled in Rotterdam." "And the cigar-holder?"

I came down Broadway that afternoon aboard a big white omnibus, that drifted slowly in a tide of many vehicles. Those days there were a goodly show of trees on either side of that thoroughfare elms, with here and there a willow, a sumach or a mountain ash.

Just before that, I dipped into the very bosom of the earth, with rugged hills rising to bewildering heights all around, base to summit clad luxuriously in thick greenery of mountain firs, a few cedars, and the Chinese ash.

Reckon you ricollect that black ash tree down by the creek at Baker's ford. Come along thar one time when the white suckers war a runnin' an' I had a pair of grab hooks, an' " "Well, what about Baker's ford?" Jasper asked, coming closer to him, and Margaret leaned forward expectantly. "That's whar he hung hisse'f." "What are we all a comin' to?" Margaret sighed, sitting back in her chair.