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This Sovereign must triumph over every foe, even over death the monster that lay writhing in impotent rage at his feet!

After the lapse of a few seconds, during which neither dog nor otter had risen to breathe, a slight, very slight, undulation was perceptible on the surface of the water. Crouch's grasp tightened upon his staff he waited another moment then dashed forward, struck down his spear, and raised it aloft, with the poor otter transfixed and writhing upon its point.

I hit David in the dark, and he holloaed out." "And enough to make any one, warn't it, sir? Scythes and scithers, it was a sharp 'un!" "I don't think it was any sharper than the two you hit me, David," said Tom, who was writhing a little as he rubbed. "Why, you two have never been so stupid as to attack each other in the dark, have you?" said Uncle Richard. "I'm afraid so, uncle.

In an instant the fédérés on guard hurled themselves upon Jean; he could feel the cold muzzles of revolvers at his temples and hear rifles banging off at random in the ante-room. The Colonel was raving in the frenzy of alcoholic delirium, writhing in horrible convulsions and yelling: "He has killed me! he has murdered me!" "He has murdered the Colonel," the fédérés took up the cry.

And then I go on and come to a mangrove-swamp dark and forbidding, a grisly place; you imagine the trees are in torment, with limbs and roots tangled like writhing serpents. I tiptoe in a little way, and then get frightened, and run back to the beach.

Her short rotund body writhing not unlike an Oriental dancer's, the Widow Weatherwax had assumed the centre of the ring. The sanctified were without sense of humor, but the unregenerate onlookers were not proof against the comic aspects of emotional religion, and from the dark outskirts rang a ribald laugh. "Why doesn't that dreadful woman wear a corset?" demanded Mrs.

But to descend from these perhaps too daring speculations, there is another, and more human, source of interest about the animal who is writhing feebly in the glass jar of salt water; for he is one of the many curiosities which have been added to our fauna by that humble hero Mr.

The Eel became bloodshot about the gills, and, writhing, gasped for breath. The Soldier-Crabs hung listlessly from their shells, and no longer went about in quest of food. Even the Actinise shrunk to half their former size; and the Buccina, crawling above the water, ranged themselves in a row upon the dry glass.

I had heard of hurricanes in the woods, and surmised that one was at hand. It soon came crashing its way; the forest writhing, and twisting, and groaning before it. The hurricane did not extend far on either side, but in a manner plowed a furrow through the woodland; snapping off or uprooting trees that had stood for centuries, and filling the air with whirling branches.

"Freedom to the man who pulls him down!" was the incentive of Ahenobarbus. But again Drusus, who, to tell the truth, had to contend with only the flabby, soft-handed, unskilful underlings of Lucius, struck out so furiously that another of his attackers fell backward with a groan and a gasp. All this Cornelia saw while, sword in hand, she flew toward the knot of writhing men.

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