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His flabby face reddened and his fist clenched. "You'll not stop me!" he cried, taking a step toward the girl. "I'll push both of you in there, if you don't get out." "Just try it," said Henry Burns, quietly. Benny Ellison, larger and heavier than the youth who thus dared him, hesitated only a moment. Then he rushed at Henry Burns and they clinched.

Gray and Reedman may rely upon it that Charles Bradlaugh is not able to enter No. 139 Pershore-road, Birmingham; if he were, he would descend in swift wrath upon his silly traducers, who have put their own inanity into his mouth, making the great, virile Atheist talk like a little, flabby Spiritualist after an orgie of ginger-beer.

He was an ample flabby person, built like an isosceles triangle with a smallish head for the apex, slightly expanded in the gangliar region just above the nape of the neck medical students and phrenologists please note and habitually wearing an expression of helpless pathos. Instinctively you felt that you wanted to do something for Mr. Higgleby to mother him, maybe.

All his life he had tended and operated on the soft humans of civilisation, who lived sheltered lives and had descended out of many sheltered generations. Compared with White Fang, they were frail and flabby, and clutched life without any strength in their grip. White Fang had come straight from the Wild, where the weak perish early and shelter is vouchsafed to none.

A slight quiver of the eyelids was the only outward sign he gave of the shock that his brother's announcement had occasioned. The hand that had rested on the buckle of his sword-belt slipped quietly to his side, and he deliberately stepped up to Gregory, his eyes set searchingly upon the pale, flabby face before him.

Presently Mr Belcher reached out a flabby white hand and, taking up one of the folded cards, he looked around upon the under-fed, ill-clad children with a large, sweet, benevolent, fatherly smile, and then in a drawling voice occasionally broken by explosions of flatulence, he said: 'My dear children.

Yet even with him I didn't dare to fetch him one there was always like a flabby lump in my midriff. But once the thing went too far or else the still-born something inside me was exhausted. I just aimed at him a bit with one arm, so that he fell down. That really was a rummy business. It was, let's say, like a fairy tale where the toad suddenly turns into a man.

On entering the quarters of the hotel frequented by the officials of merchant vessels, he found Ferragut seated near a balcony from which could be seen the entire harbor. He was limp and flabby, with eyes sunken and faded, beard unkempt, and a manifest disregard of his personal appearance. "Toni!... Toni!" He embraced his mate, moistening his neck with tears.

Turning about from the window he faced his reflection in the mirror, contemplating dejectedly the wan, pasty face, the eyes with their crisscross of lines like shreds of dried blood, the stooped and flabby figure whose very sag was a document in lethargy. He was thirty three he looked forty. Well, things would be different.

But in this matter the thing hasn't gone quite as you intended. You say that she is meaningless." "Vapid, flabby, childish, and innocent as a baby." "Innocent I am sure she is. Vapid and flabby she certainly is not. She is full of fun, and is quite as witty as a woman should be." "You always liked fools, Jack." "Then how did I come to be so very fond of you."

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