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As soon as a sufficient number had gained the plateau, strong parties were sent off to seize the batteries at Samos and Sillery, which had just opened fire upon the boats and ships. This was easily done, and the English footing on the plateau was assured. As fast as the boats were emptied of the men, they rowed back to the ships to fetch more, and the whole force was soon on shore.

"One good turn deserves another.... Of course you and Nick are welcome to stay all summer.... There won't be a particle of expense for you the servants have orders.... If you'll just be an angel and post these letters yourself.... It's been my only chance for such an age; when we meet I'll explain everything. And in a month at latest I'll be back to fetch Clarissa...."

But leaving this, wonder at the men in this behalf, that they are not taught by their own examples to give up the doctrine that these men are wise being ignorant of it themselves, and neither knowing nor being sensible that they are recovered from being drowned and see the light, and that being gotten above vice, they fetch breath again.

Whenever she goes out to see Madame la Comtesse, she says, 'Mariette, if monsieur comes in, says she, 'tell him I am at home, and send the porter to fetch me; he shall be well paid for his trouble." "Poor soul!" said Lisbeth; "it goes to my heart. I speak of her to the Baron every day. What can I do? 'Yes, says he, 'Betty, you are right; I am a wretch. My wife is an angel, and I am a monster!

'Into the cowshed; we can lead the calf out and lay him down on the bench, let him lie in state there, if he likes...such a one as he has been! 'Monika! 'Eh? 'We ought to get him out there. 'Well, fetch him out then. 'All right...but... 'You're afraid, what? 'Idiot...damned... 'What else? 'It's dark... 'If you wait till it's day, people will see you. 'Let's go together.

It is of this station that the story is told that an old farmer was expecting a chicken-house to arrive there, and he sent one of his hands, a newcomer, to fetch it. Arriving there the man saw the house, loaded it on to his wagon and started for home. On the way he met a man in uniform with the words "Station Agent" on his cap. "Say, hold on. What have you got on that wagon?" he asked.

Did you see he'd lost his stirrup? He must have taken the last jump without it. I'll go and fetch him up." The Duke hurried down. The Prince was already in the weighing room smoking a cigarette. "It is all right," he said smiling. "They have passed me. I have won. I hope that Lady Grace will be pleased." "She is delighted!" the Duke exclaimed, shaking him by the hand. "We all are.

Raising his voice Korak replied to the call of the ape; but he let Tantor move off with him through the jungle; it would do no harm to try the other plan. They had come to a clearing and plainly Korak smelled water. Here was a good place and a good excuse. He ordered Tantor to lay him down, and go and fetch him water in his trunk.

Anderson and Jensen approached it. The latter turned the handle, and gave a sudden vigorous push. No use. The door stood fast. 'Herr Kristensen, said Jensen, 'will you go and fetch the strongest servant you have in the place? We must see this through. The landlord nodded, and hurried off, glad to be away from the scene of action. Jensen and Anderson remained outside looking at the door.

Against this attempt Hood's precautions probably were sufficient; but as the enemy's vessel approached, the wind headed her, so that she could only fetch the third ship. The latter, with the vessels ahead and astern, sprung their batteries upon her.