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You meant everything that was heavenly and kind you must have meant it. I am a stupid idiot! But I could be your friend if you would permit it. He spoke with an extraordinary timidity and slowness. He forgot all his scruples, all pride everything.

But the little one thinks that it's I who prevents your coming. I said to her, "The priest is an idiot," and I think so, indeed. Did I try to eat you during your illness? Why, I didn't even go upstairs to see you. Every one's free, you know.

That a greater fool than Jane Eyre had never breathed the breath of life; that a more fantastic idiot had never surfeited herself on sweet lies, and swallowed poison as if it were nectar. "You," I said, "a favourite with Mr. Rochester? You gifted with the power of pleasing him? You of importance to him in any way? Go! your folly sickens me.

"From Valais we went to Mont-Blanc, and one night we arrived at Chamounix " "Did you see any idiots in Valais?" suddenly interrupted Marillac, as he filled his pipe the second time. "Several, and they were all horrible." "Do you not think we might compose something with an idiot in it? It might be rather taking."

No, nothing can give the idea of the puking with which this old diplomatic idiot inspires me in piling up his stupidity on the dung- hill of bourgeoisie! Is it possible to treat philosophy, religion, peoples, liberty, the past and future, history, and natural history, everything and more yet, with an incoherence more inept and more childish! He seems to me as everlasting as mediocrity!

Whatever it was it made the man angry and he again stamped his foot. "What do I care?" he growled. "You can go to the snivelling old idiot and tell him all you want to." "Oh, Ben!" and the woman laid a hand upon his arm, "how can you say such things?"

As he spoke, the bullfinch broke into the first bars of "The British Grenadiers;" and then the same thought occurred to Colonel George as had seized upon the minds of the villagers Was it possible that the idiot was a deserter, or that he and his mother were harbouring a deserter?

Humour of a horrible kind, but still humour, is the purpose of Quilp's existence and position in the book. Laughter is the object of all his oddities. But laughter is not the object of Barnaby Rudge's oddities. His idiot costume and his ugly raven are used for the purpose of the pure grotesque; solely to make a certain kind of Gothic sketch.

He isn't here. Did he melt into air?" demanded Felicity. "Oh, come and look for him, all of you. Don't stand round like ninnies. We MUST find him before his mother gets here. Dan King, you're an idiot!" Dan was too frightened to resent this, at the time. However and wherever Jimmy had gone, he WAS gone, so much was certain.

'You re a perfect idiot! cried Madame Bonanni, and she slammed the door of the box in the woman's face, and bolted it inside. She sat down and read the note a fourth time. There was no doubt as to its being really from Logotheti. She laughed to herself. 'More ingenious than ever! she said, half aloud. A timid knock at the door of the box.