His brain worked swiftly. He took his chance of finding the next stateroom empty, as it happened to be, and stepped quickly inside. He kept his back to the door until the footsteps had passed. He heard the knock at his stateroom, stepped back into the corridor, and passed along a little gangway to the other side of the ship. He hurried up the stairs and into the smoking-room.

He acquitted himself like a brick, and the last time did a thing which afforded his side an immense amount of secret satisfaction. He caught the ball in his hands, and at the same moment Noaks made a fierce rush, meaning to knock him through the goal.

"The world is so full of a number of things," that a few essays, two or three short stories in a magazine, a little book of sketches in prose, may be masterpieces in their three several ways, but they escape the notice of all but a few amateurs. Mr. Kipling's knock was much more insistent; he could not be unheard.

"No, this is a genuine visitor." They waited for some time and then there was a knock at the outer door. "Open it, Pinto," and as the other did not instantly move, "open it, damn you! What are you afraid of?" "I'm not afraid of anything," growled the Portuguese and flung out of the room. Yet he hesitated again before he turned the handle of the outer door. He flung it open and stepped back.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and in walked Captain M , who reported his arrival with 200 reinforcements for the Cheshires, a pleasant but irritating addition. The situation was further complicated by the general's discovery that M was senior to the officer then in command of the Cheshires. Poor M was not left long in command.

The question was then decided by a majority. On the third day, I was suddenly summoned before the Rath, and found myself side by side with my accuser. He was in private clothes. “Herr Tuci,” exclaimed the Rath, trying to pronounce my name, but utterly disguising it, “you have misinformed me. The constable says he did not knock your hat offhe only pulled it off.” I adhered to my statement.

At length, when her mother bent fondly over her with an expression of deep anxiety at her protracted fit, she could no longer resist opening her eyes to assure her that she was recovering. A short time after this, a knock was heard at the door of the cabin, and the captain of the frigate entered.

Of course, in doing so we knock against the wicked, and also against the good; but we shall succeed; for the gods are evidently on our side." Soon Herder was to join them there, unfortunately not always satisfied with the results of his teaching about absolute liberty of genius.

There has been a little accident in the engine-room. The captain hopes you won't let it interfere with your dancing." He placed himself in the thick of the strangely dressed crowd. His clean-shaven face was perfectly unconcerned. "I'll come and join you, if I may," he said. "The captain allows me to knock off. Will you admit a non-fancy-dresser?"

The great manatee mother didn't seem to mind me a bit, as she swam around us two or three times, but I squirmed a good deal when that tremendous tail, which was moving so slowly, came opposite me, and I wondered if it was going to mash me as flat as a sheet of paper, or only knock me over the tops of the mangroves. But that scare was nothing to the next one.