The other instantly looked over his shoulder. McHale laughed. "You're an old-timer," he said to the gray-eyed man; "but him" he jerked a contemptuous thumb at the second "it's a wonder to me he ever growed up. Don't you do it no more, friend. Don't you never take your eyes off a man you've called a fool, or maybe the next thing they beholds is the Promised Land!"

"Has not Heaven sent her to thee without any effort or foreknowledge on thy part, so that even to this day thou canst not tell from whence she came?" The man tapped his bosom: "Sir," said he, "read into my heart. You know everything." The stranger thereupon turned to the little girl and addressed her in a gentle tone which instantly inspired confidence.

There were a few opening remarks mostly profane and then the representative of the law lay in a huddled heap on the floor, while the man from the river rushed from the building into the street. The passing crowd stopped instantly.

The harsh voice of a sentinel crow spoke from a neighbouring cornfield, and a cloud of dusky marauders took the air instantly, and before the sharp crack of the farmer's fowling-piece came to confirm the warning.

"Son," replied the king, "after what I have just heard, and what I see by the ring on your finger, I cannot doubt but that your passion is real, and that you have seen this lady, who is the object of it. Would to God I knew who she was. I would instantly comply with your wishes, and should be the happiest father in the world! But where shall I seek her?

It was short and distinct, such a slight noise as might be made by drawing the palm of the hand quickly over a piece of stuff, or by a short breath checked almost instantly, or by a shoeless foot slipping a few inches on a thick carpet. Contarini stood still and listened, for though he had heard it distinctly he had no impression of the direction whence it had come.

Cecca Clarelli, a relation of the Ponziani, is delivered of a little girl in such apparent good health that no one thinks of baptising her; a grand ceremony for the purpose is preparing in a neighbouring church, to take place the following day; but in the middle of the night Francesca arrives, and entreats that the child may be instantly baptised.

At last, however, she appeared to have got over the part which demanded such urgent attention, and began to talk. "I say, girls!" She said in an animated tone, which instantly secured the attention of every one present, at the same time moving nearer the window for the purpose, as it seemed, of obtaining better light. "Have you heard the news?" "What news?" eagerly exclaimed a dozen voices.

These wild bees, particularly the smaller ones, greatly resented my watching them, just the same as birds do. If I walked by they took no heed; if I stopped or stooped to get a better view they were off instantly. Without doubt they see you, and have some idea of the meaning of your various motions.

The first was an urgent message to return instantly to India on account of the old rajah's serious illness; the second was to the effect that Deemer had been murdered by a woman in New York, and that the jewels had been stolen." Again the Adventurer paused, and, eying Danglar, smiled not pleasantly.