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I depend further upon his perfect inexperience of women; for, in spite of his numerous gallantries, he has never yet had a grand passion, and is quite ignorant, even at this moment, how involved his feelings are with his mistress. He has not yet learnt the bitter lesson that, unless we despise a woman when we cease to love her, we are still a slave, without the consolement of intoxication.

How different the pure gladness of this feast 'before the Lord'! No coarse and sensuous delights of passion could live before the 'pure eyes and perfect witness' of God.

The time may come when I can't resist you." "Why do you resist me?" I cried, seizing her hands convulsively, and swept by a gust of passion at her confession. "Try to understand that I am fighting for both of us!" she pleaded an appeal that wrung me in spite of the pitch to which my feelings had been raised. "Hugh, dear, we must think it out. Don't now." I let her hands drop....

Suddenly a stranger stood before him, and said: "Why are you in such a passion, my good lad?" "How can I help it?" replied Goria, the shoemaker; "my master is as cruel as a mad dog; you see how he has dressed me down, and ten weeks ago he beat me even still more than now." "Why does he beat you so?" said the stranger.

Jonathan Zane was as much alone as if one thousand miles, instead of five, intervened between him and the settlement. Loneliness was to him a passion.

"I believe you used that very word." "Then I unsay it. A rascal has something mean about him. Juniper's a rascal!" "He cares nothing for his word." "Nothing at all, when the law is concerned." "And he has defamed his own wife." "That was done many years ago." "For a fixed purpose, and not from passion," Dolly continued. "He is a thoroughly bad man.

About this time she inspired a most violent passion in a gentleman of a very good family, who was, I think, a little deranged before this mad love affected his brain.

Ah! what a terrible creature a Frenchwoman is, when, instead of coquetting with a caprice, she insists upon conceiving a grande passion.

Either Anne's soul was beautiful because of it, or it was beautiful because of Anne's soul; and Maisie knew that if she too was to be beautiful she must keep safe the beauty of their passion as she had kept safe the beauty of their friendship. It was clear and hard, unbreakable as crystal. She had been the one flaw in it, the thing that had damaged its perfection.

Painting is so dear now, it is a taste so difficult to satisfy, a true passion de luxe a passion for a Nabob," said he, smiling, with a furtive look over his glasses. They were two prudent players, face to face; but Jansoulet was a little astray in this new situation, where he who only knew how to be bold, had to be on his guard.