Certes, just as we have learnt on the authority of Seneca, leisure without letters is death and the sepulture of the living, so contrariwise we conclude that occupation with letters or books is the life of man.

At last the puzzle was pieced, and my part plain. I knew now the work I was to do, the price of the reward I was to gain. Had he said it a month before, when I was not yet trained to self-control and concealment, King as he was, I would have drawn my sword on him. For good or evil dissimulation is soon learnt. With a great effort I repressed my agitation and hid my disgust.

He soon learnt that money was in the Fleet just what money was out of it; and that if he wished it he could have a room to himself, if he was willing to pay for it. "There's a capital room up in the coffee-room flight that belongs to a Chancery prisoner," said the turnkey. "It'll stand you in a pound a week. Lord! Why didn't you say at first that you was willing to come down handsome?"

The African fully knows the liability of his fetish to fail, but he equally fully knows its power. One, to me, grandly tragic instance of this I learnt at Opobo. There was a very great Fetish doctor there, universally admired and trusted, who lived out on the land at the mouth of the Great River.

Clare had an interview with his lordship, and was received in the kindest manner, but not being asked as to his worldly prospects, kept silent on the subject. The Earl probably fancied, as did many others, that Clare made a good income from the sale of his books, and it was not till years afterwards that he learnt the real truth.

We have all to think, to think hard and think generously, and there is not a man in England to-day, even though his hands are busy at work, whose brain may not be helping in this great task of social rearrangement which lies before us all. To have followed the frequent discussions of the Labour Unrest in the Press is to have learnt quite a lot about the methods of popular thought.

When he said this the youth blushed. "How is it your accent is so good? It is quite that of our gentry." "I learnt it at the Little Seminary, from the priests, who are gentlemen of Paris. There also the best families send their boys, and we young men grew up together. I have lived a little in Montreal too." "Ah, what is Montreal now like? Are the town walls still standing?"

He had learnt much in the previous hour, but there were still one or two odd things left for him to learn. "Ah!" he breathed, shut the door, and hung up his hard hat on the inner face of it. "Sit ye down, lass." So she sat her down. It must be said that she looked as if she had made a mistake and got on to the wrong side of Trafalgar-road.

He was accustomed to listen to all that was said in the Emperor's presence, and year by year he had learnt to understand more of what he heard. He had often heard the Christians discussed, and usually as deluded but dangerous fools.

When a man gets to his age he ought surely to have learnt to be patient, even if he imagines himself provoked." "But he is ill as well. You say nothing about that. Should that make him patient too?" "Certainly it should. Suffering has often a most ennobling effect."