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Discipline is being outwardly preserved, but the destroying forces are creeping into every weak place, and the men of our time may see strange things. Gradually a certain resolute body of men are teaching weaker people that even self-discipline is unnecessary, and that self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control are only phrases used by interested people who want to hold others in slavery.

Yet, although patience is usually regarded as a "slow" virtue, Pitt combined with it the most extraordinary readiness, vigour, and rapidity of thought as well as action. It is by patience and self-control that the truly heroic character is perfected.

"Your Majesty," cut in Von Ritz sharply, "it is time to terminate this talk. It has no end. It is aimless argument which comes only back to the starting point." The King wheeled and met the eyes of his adviser. The studied self-control he had maintained since Cara's arrival slipped from him and his voice broke out explosively. "It has an end!" he cried. "I will show you the end.

We need to acquire the capacity to see the bodies of individuals of the other sex with such self-control and such natural instinct that they become non-erotic to us and can be gazed at without erotic feeling. Art, he says, shows that this is possible in civilization. Science, he adds, comes to the aid of the same view.

Nancy bowed her head in her hands; then, realizing that the four men were noting her every movement, she straightened herself and faced them with regained self-control. "What next, Symonds?" exclaimed Stanton. "I turned to the bed, and was astounded to see Captain Lloyd sleeping peacefully at least, I thought so then. I rushed over and shook and shook him. The Lord forgive me!

I felt a thousand influences moving around me the power of many brains at work silently cross-examined my inner spirit as though it were a witness in defence of some great argument but I made up my mind not to yield to the overpowering nervousness and sudden alarm of my own position which threatened to shake my self-control.

And this was a part of the penalty he had to pay for his well-nigh superhuman self-control. He loved her this man who loved nothing and nobody living, not even himself. He loved her this man whose life was all behind him, and whose heart was of stone, and whose speech was acrid as the most corrosive element known to chemistry.

All the fruits of the Holy Spirit, mentioned in Galatians 5 love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, self-control what are they but the expressions of the lamb-like nature of the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit wants to fill us with them. Are We Willing? But are we willing for this?

"Dear old fellow, what is the matter?" I asked. The words seemed to rouse him. A dreadful look passed over his face the look of one stricken to the heart. But his voice was perfectly calm, and full of a ghastly self-control. "Freda will be my sister-in-law," he said, rather as if stating the fact to himself than answering my question. "Impossible!" I said. "What do you mean? How could "

One glance told the musician that Altieri had been worsted in an adventure, which, he was sure, could only be accounted for by Ortensia's disappearance. 'Where is my wife? asked Stradella, standing in the way on the step. Don Alberto was surprised and angry, and his shame at being seen in such plight, in his own house, overcame any prudence or self-control he had left.

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