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I'm goin' to bring 'em here." "We don't quite understand you," Dick said, hesitatingly, and with sympathy in his voice. "We haven't heard about it whatever it is. I'm sorry if " The trader straightened up from where he had been leaning on his elbows across the counter and they saw that his face was drawn. "Oh, I see," he said, in the same slow, hopeless voice.

"Why didn't you hold him with the line?" said the American drily. "Can't you see? It broke." And Lynton held out the end. "And can't you see? What sort of hook do you call this?" As he spoke Briscoe held out the gaff, which was nearly straightened out. "I guess," he continued, "that you people ought to make this sort of tools of hard steel and not of soft iron."

Minutes went by, but still she watched in a fever of apprehension for fear he might accidentally discover the combination. Unsuccessful in his attempts, he finally straightened up with an exclamation of anger and disgust. Going over to a small cupboard built in the wall, he opened it, and, stooping, pressed his finger against some hidden spring.

Take the money and get to brother Robert. God of America take them and guide " And that was all. I held him in my arms for a long time, while old Nannette and small Pierre wept beside me, and then I laid him upon his pillow and straightened the little tricolor that the good Sister of the old gray convent in which he lay had given me to place in his hand when he had begged for it.

So Thurston, hearing it all about him, seeing it and smelling it and feeling the riot of Spring in his blood, straightened the hunch out of his shoulders and admitted that it was all true: that the world was good. At Miles City he found himself in the midst of a small army, the regulars of the range -which grew hourly larger as the outfits rolled in.

He only knew that he was in a circus parade, doing his part with the others, and that, so far as anyone knew, he was as much a circus man as any of them. As the cavalcade drew out into the main street and straightened away, Phil was amazed to see what a long parade it was. It looked as if it might reach the whole length of the village.

He was on his last job he knew that. The mail contract might be won a thousand times over, but there ever would rest the stigma that he had received a telegram which should have been plain to him, and that he had failed to carry out its hidden orders. But with the thought of it Martin straightened, and he roared anew the message which carried tired, aching men through the night: "Go on! Go on!

"Thanks," said Brown, coldly; "will you be good enough to mind your business?" "I thought I'd tell you," said the small boy, delightedly aware that the information displeased Brown. "They're tore awful, too. That's what you get for playin' onto back fences. Y'orter be ashamed." Brown feigned unconsciousness and folded his arms with dignity; but the next moment he straightened up, quivering.

Let this lair of hell's wolves, so intent now on their own affairs, be once roused, as they certainly must be roused before he could hope to finish the Wowzer, and his chances of escape were He straightened suddenly, alert, tense, strained.

The man who had held the lariat lay half under his fallen pony, whose efforts to rise were checked by the tightened rope still tied to the saddlebow. The two other men were on their feet, one clutching the straightened halter, the second deftly slipping a lariat around the prisoner's pawing hind legs. It was all over in a minute.