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With the slack of the lariat she ran forward, caught a kicking hind foot, then entangled one of the beast's forefeet, and drew both together with all her strength. The bellowing steer was now doubly entangled; but he was not secure, and well did Frances know it. She ran in closer, although Pratt cried out in warning, and looped the rope over the brute's other horn.

"Burr-r-r-r!" shuddered Nort, when he saw that it was a snake, and not a lariat that had rasped him. "I'd almost rather it was a lasso! I hate snakes!" Then sleep was resumed.

"Your saddle? Did you take your saddle up in the tree with you?" "Take it up in the tree with me? Why, how you talk. Of course I didn't. No man could do that. It fell in the tree when it came down." "Oh exactly." "Certainly. I unwound the lariat, and fastened one end of it to the limb. It was the very best green raw-hide, and capable of sustaining tons.

The intrepid Giuseppe Mazzini, however, had thrown his lariat about me with no mean adroitness, and I was down and captured. This thrilling dénouement was enacted near the repaired fence, and any horror I may have simulated was suddenly made real by the appearance of Mrs. Carville, who had been feeding her fowls.

They made their headquarters in a barn and saved enough money to buy a revolver, adopting as their watchword the phrase "Dead Men Tell no Tales." One spring morning the conspirators, with their faces covered with black cloth, lay "in ambush" for the milkman. Fortunately for him, as the lariat was thrown the horse shied, and, although the shot was appropriately fired, the milkman's life was saved.

Arrived at the second ridge, which was still in darkness, he took pains that no telltale sign should be left on the smooth expanse of granite to indicate the near presence of a man. Swinging to the lariat that was now tied to a short plank, he lowered himself into the midst of the debris with which that part of his floor was strewn.

The cattleman, having removed his boots, his hat, and his belt, was ready for bed, and slipped his legs under the blankets. He stooped and picked up his lariat, which lay coiled on the floor beside him. "People gets into foolish habits on the range," he said, thumbing the strong rope curiously, and so doing, spreading out the noose. "Yes?" smiled Bard, and he also sat up in his bunk.

"You are always welcome here, my children," Father Josef said, graciously, as I leaped from my horse and stuck its lariat pin down beside the doorway. Inside there were the same soft lights from the high windows, the same rare old paintings about the altar, the same seat beside the door. The priest spoke to us in low tones befitting sanctuary stillness.

The animal becomes almost worthless by the injuries caused by such practices. There are extreme cases in which the twitch may be resorted to, but it should in all cases be applied to the nose, and only then when all milder means have failed. But there is another, and much better, method of handling and overcoming the vices of refractory mules. I refer to the lariat.

A post makes a good target. It should be, to start with, not more than ten feet away. After a time the distance can be increased, and the nature of the target changed. You will be surprised, if you try this, at the skill you will gain, and the pleasure the lariat will afford to yourself and companions.