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Her spirits rose in proportion; from despondency, she passed to something like gayety; her beautiful eyes sparkled with renovated brilliancy; and her face was lighted with smiles so fascinating, that Frances, who, in compliance with her earnest entreaties, had accompanied her to the sick chamber, sat gazing on a countenance that possessed so wonderful variability, impelled by a charm that was beyond her control.

"Who's there?" the captain demanded again. "Don't shoot, neighbor!" said a hoarse voice out of the darkness. "I'm jest a-paddin' of it Amarillo way. Can I get a flop-down and a bite here?" "Only a tramp, Dad," breathed Frances, with a sigh. "How did you get into this compound?" demanded Captain Rugley, none the less suspiciously and sternly. "I come through an open gate.

This weighty business, however, is completed, and a huge weight it has taken from the head and shoulders, and every other part, animal and intellectual, of A. B. Mr. Half his letter is to you and of you. He begs you to accept one of the shawls, and to give Frances the other. I executed his instructions by giving F. one.

He was very anxious with regard to the letter which Frances so provokingly left unopened, but he also felt a pleasing thrill of satisfaction. "Ha! ha!" he said to himself, "my good young man, you are following my advice, for all you looked so sulky yesterday.

To dispute the efficacy of masses, would have been venturing on a subject which Agricola, through respect for his mother's religious faith, never discussed. He contented himself, therefore, with seeing her dispense with comforts she might have enjoyed. A discreet tap was heard at the door. "Come in," said Frances. The person came in.

Well, to say the truth, Harvey was a mystified body, and he was like the winds in the good book; no one could tell whence he came, or whither he went." Frances glanced her eye at her companion with an apparent desire to hear more. "There are rumors abroad relative to the character of Harvey," she said, "that I should be sorry were true."

"Oh, yes! all of the time. I have seen whole tracts of pictures, and no end of palaces and hotels hotels hotels!" Frances said, awakening to the necessity of being talkative and vivacious with the young girl. She threw off her cloak. There was a rip in the fur, and the dirty lining hung out. Lucy shuddered. Mrs. Waldeaux's blood must have turned to water, or she would never have permitted that!

"That's the city for you!" he declared, with a commending shake of the head. Of the truth of that fact Frances Durkin was only too well aware; but this was a conviction to which she did not give utterance. As they stood chatting together in the deserted hallway, a man, turning the corner, brushed by them.

"'Twas imprudent, Frances; nay, it was unkind," he cried, throwing himself in a chair, "to fly at the very moment that I had assured him of safety! I can almost persuade myself that you delight in creating points of difference in our feelings and duties."

She, too, was tied up in such a way that she could not possibly free herself. And she was frightened desperately frightened! She had reason to be. The ex-orderly from the Bylittle Soldiers' Home had proved himself to be a perfect madman when he found that the girl and Pratt were really escaping. Evidently he had seized upon the desperate attempt to hold Frances for ransom as a last resort.