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After the heavy battle of yesterday and the all night's march preceding, the soldiers felt little like renewing the fight of to-day, still there was no despondency, no lack of ardor, or morale, each and every soldier feeling, while he had done his best the day before, still he was equal to that before him for to-day.

The son of Sumitra then addressed him saying, 'O thou that givest proper respect to those that deserve it, despondency such as this should not be suffered to approach thee, like illness that can never touch an old man leading a regular life! Thou hast obtained information of Ravana and of the princess of Videha! Liberate her now with exertion and intelligence!

"I cannot imagine what ails him," he said to himself again and again; for Arthur utterly refused to tell him the secret of his despondency.

The burghers broke into loud lamentations, a few threw themselves on their knees, others wept and wailed, while the lords of the magistracy approached nearer to the count in order to make confidential representations of the utter hopelessness and despondency of the two unhappy cities of Berlin and Cologne. Schwarzenberg, however, turned away from these representations with stern composure.

When Lydgate came in, she was almost shocked at the change in his face, which was strikingly perceptible to her who had not seen him for two months. It was not the change of emaciation, but that effect which even young faces will very soon show from the persistent presence of resentment and despondency.

Among the officers, this dejection, although proceeding from a different cause, was no less prevalent; and notwithstanding they sought to disguise it before their men, when left to themselves, they gave unlimited rein to a despondency hourly acquiring strength, as the day fixed on for the second council with the Indians drew near.

Severe Passage Of The Andes Embassies From Atahuallpa The Spaniards Reach Caxamalca Embassy To The Inca Interview With The Inca Despondency Of The Spaniards

They are mangy and bruised and mutilated, and often you see one with the hair singed off him in such wide and well defined tracts that he looks like a map of the new Territories. They are the sorriest beasts that breathe the most abject the most pitiful. In their faces is a settled expression of melancholy, an air of hopeless despondency.

The smouldering ruins of Chickasaw were abandoned, and an encampment was reared of logs and bark at a distance of about three miles; where they passed a few weeks of great wretchedness. Bodily discomfort and mental despondency united in creating almost intolerable gloom. Terribly as the natives had been punished they soon learned the extent of the calamity they had inflicted upon the Spaniards.

The "dipping" was several times repeated; and then the stopper was restored to its place, and without any further ceremony, the "supper" came to an end. Whether from the invigorating effects of the wine, or whether from that natural reaction of spirits ever consequent on a "spell" of despondency, both the sailor and Snowball, after closing the cask, began to talk over plans for the future.