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The kilted platoons having gone on their way, we resumed our journey, dipping into the valley behind Sailly-au-Bois, and climbing the farther side, as I passed the officers' mess hut belonging to an anti-aircraft battery, which had taken up a position at the foot of the valley, and whence came a pleasant sound of clinking glass, a wild desire for permanent comfort affected me.

It was as though he had ridden out of a desolate, ages-old world where death mocked at life, into a new one in which life reigned supreme. There was no change in Calumet's expression, however, though below him, spreading and dipping away into the interminable distance, slumbering in the glare of the afternoon sun, lay the land of his youth.

Then there was a splash, followed by the regular dipping of oars which seemed to throw up so much golden spray on either side, and the boy could plainly make out the sloop's boat being rowed out clear of the man-of-war, and gradually increasing its distance.

"Sir!" said the Secretary, "dipping" his umbrella and dropping his papers, for the purpose of rhetorically pointing with his left hand at nothing; "Sir! flesh and blood can't stand it. I resign to-morrow." And so he went in to his lunch, and is in office at this present moment. I must apologize most heartily for this long digression.

I will do anything to get off this raft. But if we are going to have light we must start at once." The two slipped silently over the edge of the dipping raft, and struck out for the nearest point of land, West loitering slightly behind, afraid lest she might be hampered, and perhaps dragged down by her water-soaked clothes.

"There go the ships," said Nathanael. "See what numbers of them numbers, yet how few they seem! are moving up and down on this highway of all nations. Look, Agatha, at that one, a mere speck, dipping in the horizon.

If this method is practised instead of dipping, it is advisable to crowd the hogs into a small pen, and apply the oil in front and between the thighs and back of the arms. This may be practised during the cold weather when it is impossible to dip the animals. Horses may be washed with a one or two per cent water solution of liquor cresolis compositus, or a coal tar disinfectant.

You thought it would be Cinderella's slipper, at least, didn't you?" laughed Optima. "But look!" The man, dipping his pipe, not into the ruby glass, but into an adjoining pot of fine flint-glass, carefully blew a small globe, and then removing the tube from his mouth swung it about in the air for a few moments, until it had gained a certain degree of firmness.

Thus, at the moment when William of Orange was protecting the Anabaptists of Middelburg in their rights of citizenship, even while they refused its obligations, the son of the Emperor was dipping his hands in the blood of a poor wretch who had done no harm but to listen to a prayer without denouncing the preacher. The most intimate friends of the Prince were offended with his liberality.

The instant he was gone Donald, who could not keep silent another moment, cried: "Oh, father! I am so glad you are going to let Sandy manage the dipping!" "It is an experiment, Don. Sandy is young and he may make a mess of things not because he does not mean well, but because he lacks experience.