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One day I said to him when he was opposing me, the way we live is like the old saying, 'Pull Dick and pull devil, and what do you think he said?" "I don't know, I'm sure, what was it?" "Why, he just looked at me and smiled and said, 'I am Dick. Of course he meant that I was the other fellow." "But," said Mrs. Lasette, "this is a digression from our subject.

He rose to his feet at once, and accompanied his daughter along the road. I suppose it was a very pretty example of the triumph of spirit over matter, and so my digression has at least the advantage of a moral. I have tried to put some connection into the various things Captain Nichols told me about Strickland, and I here set them down in the best order I can.

I must here introduce a short digression. Nevertheless there is reason to believe that with all hermaphrodites two individuals, either occasionally or habitually, concur for the reproduction of their kind. This view was long ago doubtfully suggested by Sprengel, Knight and Kolreuter.

To follow the line of digression, had the reader gone into the same building on Fifth Avenue which Burke had entered that afternoon, perhaps an hour later, and had he stopped on the third floor, entered a door marked "Mercantile Agency," he would have discovered a very busy little market-place. The first room of the suite of offices thus indicated was quite small.

Southey walks with his chin erect through the streets of London, and with an umbrella sticking out under his arm, in the finest weather. He has not sacrificed to the Graces, nor studied decorum. With him every thing is projecting, starting from its place, an episode, a digression, a poetic license. He does not move in any given orbit, but like a falling star, shoots from his sphere.

I could readily add a copious list of minor deposits, belonging to the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary series, which we have been called upon in like manner to intercalate in the course of the last quarter of a century into the chronological series previously known; but it would lead me into too long a digression.

Let it be said here, the occasion being a most inviting one for this species of digression, that the painter who can succeed in transferring to canvas that expression of seeing more than is presented to the physical eye, has achieved a triumph over great difficulties.

There is, really, no great mystery about the successful raising of children and with a few common sense principles, such as presented above, any mother may relieve herself of a great deal of useless anxiety. I hope I may be pardoned for a digression here, but I feel very strongly that "today's babies are tomorrow's citizens" and I do want to see them brought up in the proper way.

I have a wonderful nurse for him, some one Doctor Keltridge recommended." Again Reed caught at the chance for a digression. "Doctor Keltridge is a wonderful man," he remarked, a little bit maliciously. Too late, he realized his blunder, for without delay, Katharine seized the opportunity to snap back to her former position. "Yes, after his fashion.

"And now, to return from this digression, you will perhaps be surprised to hear that the head or chairman of our club is really a sovereign prince; no less, I'll assure you, than the celebrated Theodore king of Corsica, who lies in prison for a debt of a few hundred pounds. Heu! quantum mutatus ab illo.

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