The morning following, I called upon Butler and obtained copies of the correspondence that had been prepared the preceding night. I rode to the Capitol with Butler and on the way we prepared the letters in chronological order. Having obtained the floor through Mr. Stevens I made the answer which consisted chiefly of the letters.

A CLASSIFIED CATALOGUE of Editions and Versions of Holy Scripture: and of critical, explanatory, and illustrative Works: including such patristic and ecclesiastical Writers as have treated on Scriptural topics, the latter arranged so as to exhibit a chronological Series of Biblical Interpretation down to the Reformation; with references under each head to authorities or sources of information.

Before we return to the immediate subject of this part of our work, we may be allowed to deviate from strict chronological order, for the purpose of mentioning two striking and important facts, which naturally led to the belief of the practicability of circumnavigating Africa, long before that enterprise was actually accomplished by the Portuguese.

In our chronological arrangement of this progress, incidental and detached notices respecting their commerce will occur, which, though they could not well be introduced in the general view, yet will serve to render the picture of it more complete.

These surmises accord with the facts: the chronological sequence of the cells tells us nothing about the chronological sequence of the hatchings, which take place without any definite order.

'He would sometimes found his dislikes on very slender circumstances. Happening one day to mention Mr. Flexman, a Dissenting Minister, with some compliment to his exact memory in chronological matters; the Doctor replied, "Let me hear no more of him, Sir. In the course of this work a numerous variety of names has been mentioned, to which many might be added.

Hope of December 5: 'G.'s remarks have shown me the hopelessness, by delay or any other means, of escaping the disapprobation of a number of persons whom I very much respect. This was in reply to a letter of Mr. Hope's of the same day, which I found it difficult to introduce in its chronological order, and which may conveniently be placed here, as Mr.

Particular Voyages and Travels arranged in systematic order, Geographical and Chronological. This part will be divided into five books, comprehending, I. Europe. II. Asia. III. Africa. IV. America. V. Australia and Polynesia; or the prodigious multitude of islands in the, great: Pacific Ocean.

It is not possible to ascertain the chronological order of a laying, except by going to suitably-chosen species. Digging up the burrows of Cerceris-, Bembex- or Philanthus-wasps will never tell us that this grub has taken precedence of that in point of time nor enable us to decide whether one cocoon in a colony belongs to the same family as another.

Narration, the Natural Mood of Fiction Series and Succession Life Is Chronological, Art Is Logical The Narrative Sense The Joy of Telling Tales The Missing of This Joy Developing the Sense of Narrative The Meaning of the Word "Event" How to Make Things Happen The Narrative of Action The Narrative of Character Recapitulation.