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Many thousands of miles were traversed by him in the mission ship The Southern Cross, visiting the numerous islands of the Pacific known as Polynesia or Melanesia. Of the dangers that abounded he knew ample to try his courage. Gordon, the missionary, and his wife had recently both been treacherously slain by the natives.

From that day to this I have been anxious only to shuffle off my unwelcome divinity, and return as a mere man to the shores of Europe. Better be a valet in Paris, say I, than a deity of the best in Polynesia. It is a monotonous existence here no society, no life and the cuisine bah, execrable! But till the other day, when your steamer passed, I have scarcely even sighted a European ship.

He delighted in stories of adventure, of bravery by flood or field, and might have posed had he ever posed at all as something of an authority on North Pole expeditions and the geography of Polynesia.

CHARLES. "Most willingly; but it will be a short one, as I have very little material. Pitcairn's Island stands alone near the eastern extremity of Polynesia.

The Feejee Group excel all other islands of Polynesia in their luxuriant and picturesque beauty they produce all kinds of tropical fruits and vegetables the bread-fruit, of which there are nine kinds, flourishes in great perfection; the banana, cocoa-nut, and chestnut, the orange, the lemon, and the guava, the pine-apple, and the nutmeg, are all to be found; and the yam, which attains the length of above four feet, is the principal food of the inhabitants; besides these, the sugar-cane and turmeric are largely cultivated, and different varieties are found growing wild.

Still, I believe that among the Society Islands, at Raratonga, and other islands of the Hervey group, true Christianity more extensively prevails. "The people of Savage Island, who were said to be among the fiercest and most barbarous of the natives of Polynesia, were converted much in the same way as those of Raratonga, and they are now simple-minded Christians, earnest, quiet, and well-behaved.

"She can speak the language of the people of our distant country a beautiful language which is as far superior to the speech of the brown men of Polynesia as the sun in the heavens is superior to the light of a candlenut. But she can't speak the wretched tongue of you Boupari cannibals. I thank Heaven she can't, for it saves her from understanding the hateful things your people would say of her.

Just look at him carrying on!" Indeed the retriever seemed to be suddenly overcome with joy. As the Doctor finished the letter the old dog started barking at the top of his voice, wagging his tail wildly and jumping about the study. He took the letter in his mouth and ran out of the room snorting hard and mumbling to himself. "He's going down to meet the coach," whispered Polynesia.

They were all alive; but one woman was too weak even to stand upon her feet. At a word from the Doctor, Chee-Chee and Polynesia sped off into the jungles after more fruit and water. While Long Arrow was handing round what food we had to his starving friends, we suddenly heard a sound outside the cave.

Perhaps the merepopping the question,” as it is termed with us, might have been followed by an immediate nuptial alliance. At any rate, tedious courtships are unknown in the valley of Typee. The males considerably outnumber the females. This holds true of many of the islands of Polynesia, although the reverse of what is the case in most civilized countries.