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Captain Runacles stopped short in his walk and surveyed her. "H'm," he said. "Don't shuffle." The little girl looked up, dropped her eyes again quickly, and let her hands hang limp beside her. She was shaking from head to foot. "You are a girl." "Pardon, father," she mumbled in a low whisper. "Next door there lives a small boy. You are in the habit of putting out your tongue at him. Why?"

Painfully has Dohna manoeuvred for weeks past; falling back daily; only anxious latterly that Soltikof, who daily tries it, do not get to westward of him on the Frankfurt road, and so end this sad shuffle.

He polished them with his feet, wearing felt boots for the purpose, and executing in the doing a sort of ungainly dance a sprinkle of wax, right foot forward and back, left foot forward and back, both feet forward and back in a sort of double shuffle; more wax, more vigorous polishing, more singing, with longer pauses for breath.

I gave my word that not so much as a rumor of the person Mudlow had reached me. My friend expressed surprise. It was now that the black boy Tom came up with the desired hat. Tom made his approach with a queer backward and forward shuffle, crooning to himself the while: "Rain come wet me, sun come dry me. Take keer, white man, don't come nigh me."

He call me by my name, an' den it come over me dat we done got mix' up in de shuffle an' dat I wuz shootin' at you. But 'twuz Marse Jack Bledsoe; I know'd 'im time I look at 'im good." "Good heavens! Is he dead?" inquired Harry, his voice shaking a little in spite of himself. "He ain't dead yit, suh," replied Whistling Jim.

Better, therefore, in the opinion of the honest and intrepid statesmen of England, to throw down the gauntlet at once in the cause of the oppressed than to shuffle and palter until the dreaded rival should cross the frontier. A French Netherlands they considered even mere dangerous than a Spanish, and Elizabeth partook of their sentiments, although incapable of their promptness.

"Well, he won't ever eat no more, and that's something to be thankful for." The game-cock, apparently having understood the word to come on, tiptoed briskly across the garden. The other waited his approach, craning his long neck and twisting his head from side to side. Reeves was now at the fence. "I'll bet ye ten dollars," shouted Hiram, "that down goes your hen the first shuffle."

Now, it sometimes happens in people who have to stand for long periods at a stretch that these muscular engines which maintain the arch are overtaxed; the arch of the foot gives way. The foot becomes flat and flexible, and can no longer serve as a lever. Many men and women thus become permanently crippled; they cannot step off their toes, but must shuffle along on the inner sides of their feet.

For my part, I more approve of a shorter style, and that comes more roundly off. He does, though, sometimes shuffle his parts more briskly together, but 'tis very seldom. I have myself taken notice of this one passage: "Ego vero me minus diu senem mallem, quam esse senem, antequam essem."

Their sharp cries and frightened exclamations were summarily drowned, however, by a new pandemonium of blood-curdling shrieks and groans which proceeded from the hall. Through the half open door leading into the hall came a menacing shuffle as of countless approaching feet. It was the final touch needed to demoralize the hazers.