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Daniel thumped the side of his stall and then subsided for another nap. The gray morning light brightened the window of the little house. Then Captain Eri slid silently out of bed, dressed with elaborate precautions against noise, put on his cap, and tiptoed out of the house. He walked through the dripping grass, climbed the back fence and hurried to the hill where John Baxter had fallen.

Next marched, or rather tiptoed, Sergeant Brown, followed by the other men in single file. In that order they hastened after Juggut Khan, through the darkness, across a dried-out moat and round the corner of a huge stone buttress. There they disappeared inside the wall, and a stone swung round and closed the gap behind the last of them.

At midnight John tiptoed into the music-room. Warrington had not moved. John tapped him on the shoulder. "You mustn't stay here, old man. Come to bed." Warrington stood up. "Would you like a drop of brandy?" Warrington shook his head. "It is terribly hard," said John, throwing his arm across the other's shoulders. "I know; I understand.

"Have any of these maps been photographed recently?" he asked in a low tone. "Not for several years," she answered. "But there are reproductions of these and others. They're in a bound volume in the next room. There the maps are reproduced on a large scale and a description of each is given. The lady in charge will show you." Curlie tiptoed into that room.

Reaching home, Phil slipped in quietly without being seen by his mother and tiptoed up to his room, where, in sour meditation, he spent the intervening time until supper was ready.

In the afternoon she shut herself in her room and had a crying spell; at least so Jamie feared, as he tiptoed by her door, in apprehension of her sobs. Her piano had grown silent of late. What use was a piano among such as Hughson? So Jamie and the rising teamster sat in the kitchen and discussed the situation over pipes. "The poor child ought to have some company," said Jamie.

Suppose Oh, horrible thought! suppose anyone should sit in it that afternoon! She gasped and jumped off the sofa. Then she remembered Mrs. Hobbs' parting command and stopped, hesitating. Mr. Hallett, standing at the end of the hall, by the front door, heard her move and tiptoed to the sitting-room. "What's the matter, little girl?" he whispered, soothingly. "No-nothin'," gasped Mary-'Gusta.

What a picture of manliness he portrayed! And, best of all, I knew his heart was as good and clean as his body was sound. I tiptoed cautiously inside and slapped him between the shoulders. He wheeled about quickly. He always was a solemn-looking owl, but this morning his face was clouded and grim. As he recognised me, a terrible anger seemed to blaze up in his black eyes.

Lucy had recovered her faculties: "Nothing, Emily; it's nothing. I was giddy." But she was shivering and couldn't go on. "I think I'll lie down for a minute," she said, and asked for the aspirin. She took two tabloids and a sip of water, was covered up and left to herself. Emily tiptoed away, full of interest in the affair. The shivering fit lasted the better part of an hour.

I looked up it, and saw a faint flicker of light away at the end; and I tiptoed silently toward it, holding my revolver ready. As I came near to the open door, I heard men's voices, and then a burst of laughing. I went on, until I could see into the hall. There were several men there, all in a group. They were well dressed, and one, at least, I saw was armed.