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Sure ye'd think it wuz the ould Nick himself ye're dodgin'." Thus Tommy Tate, teamster along the Tote road between the Maclennan camps, admonished his half-broken bronchos. "Stiddy now. The saints be good t'us! Will we iver git down this hill alive? Hould back, will yez? There, now. The saints be praised! that's over. How are ye now, Scotty? If ye're alive, kick me fut. Hivin be praised!

This is what comes of you folks fooling things, instead of leaving them to us." "The police certainly like a conviction," rejoined the teamster, grinning. "They feel real bad when the court lets a fellow off; seem to think that's their business. Guess it's why a few of their prisoners escape." Flett ignored this, and the teamster turned to George. "I'll tell you what once happened to me.

If they do not choose to tell him anything it will be wise for him not to ask questions." "That's just the way I feel about it, and so I'm going to ask no questions." A hulking figure barred their way, a red face glowed at them, and a rough voice demanded satisfaction. "You fellow with the slick tongue, you had 'em laughing at me in the tavern," said Dobbs, the teamster.

"I don't know; they murdered a harmless peddler last winter, and attacked a peaceable teamster this spring." "Still, my dear, there is no danger; we have a pair of double-barreled pistols loaded, and also a blunderbuss; and we are three men, and you are as good as a fourth; so don't be afraid." Hannah was silenced, if not reassured.

He was grandly happy and excited, and his only fear was that he was not "under fire." From our coign of safety, with our backs to the hill, the teamster and I assured him that, on that point, he need feel no morbid doubt. But until a bullet embedded itself in the blue board of the wagon he was not convinced. Then with his jack-knife he dug it out and shouted with pleasure.

Men who had never shouldered guns were executing orders with an ardor and a concentration which concealed much awkwardness of unfamiliarity. The garb and condition of recruits were vividly diversified. Doctor, teamster, lawyer, stevedore and banker, they were actuated by a common spirit, working through the manual of arms together, conscious of no caste.

His mother was the wife of a teamster, who had apparently once "dumped" his family, consisting of a boy and two girls, on the roadside at Burnt Spring, with the canvas roof of his wagon to cover them, while he proceeded to deliver other freight, not so exclusively his own, at other stations along the road, returning to them on distant and separate occasions with slight additions to their stock, habitation, and furniture.

"Wal, you start her bilin'," replied the teamster.

"Mebbe we ought to begin with Sunday-school," suggested the blacksmith. "That would sort of get us ready for the real she-bang." "How do you do it?" inquired Lufkins, the teamster. "Oh, it's just mostly catechism," Jim imparted, sagely. "And what's catechism?" said Bone. "Catechism," drawled the miner, "is where you ask a lot of questions that only the children can answer."

"Just now we're planning to try to take the canoe up to Lake Pleasant for a while." "Bully place, the lake," said Mart approvingly. "I'm going up there Monday. Going to be gone for a couple of days." "How are you going to get there?" Dick asked with interest. "You know my Uncle Billy, don't you?" asked Mart. "He's the teamster, you know.

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