I spent most of the morning in the newspaper-room of the public library, writing impossible applications for impossible posts I remember that among other things of the sort I offered my services to a firm of private detectives, a sinister breed of traders upon base jealousies now happily vanished from the world, and wrote apropos of an advertisement for "stevedores" that I did not know what the duties of a stevedore might be, but that I was apt and willing to learn and in the afternoons and evenings I wandered through the strange lights and shadows of my native valley and hated all created things.

I say they didn't like him because they could not speak his language. They say he was bad. I fight for him, and run away and marry him " Again she paused and drew a deep breath. "Ah, I was one happy little fool that year! He make good wages on the docks a stevedore. They had a strike, and he got to drinking. The baby came " She stopped suddenly.

I never saw him take water in my life, and personally I know that for nineteen years they tried to find a man to whip him. They couldn't do it. He was a terrible rough-and-tumble fighter, and many a tough citizen have I seen him do up. George was a great 'butter. He could use his head with terrible effect. One night at New Orleans a stevedore tackled him. It was a set-up job.

Thus to our relief it was a city of hope, not of despair, and to our amazement they were able to show most kindly interest in problems such as ours which seemed so remote at the moment. None of us will ever forget their kindness, from the Governor Sir Terence O'Brien, and the Prime Minister, Sir William Whiteway, to the humblest stevedore on the wharves.

It its unnecessary here to repeat the moral persuasion which Virginia used to get her aunt up and dressed. That lady, when she had heard the whistle and the gongs, had let her imagination loose. Turning her face to the wall, she was in the act of repeating her prayers as her niece entered. A big stevedore carried her down two decks to where the gang-plank was thrown across.

Despite Abe's resolution, however, a large black cigar protruded from his moustache when he stood on the wharf at Cherbourg, twenty-four hours later, and a small, ill-shaven stevedore, clad in a dark blouse and shabby corduroy trousers, pointed to the cloud of smoke that issued from Abe's lips and chattered a voluble protest. "What does he say, Moe?" Abe asked. "I don't know," Moe replied.

Penrose, was a Sproat " "Shoat?" Old Mr. Penrose, who complained of a pounding in his ears, was not hearing so well in the high altitude. Mr. Appel and Pinkey tittered, which nettled Mr. Stott and he shouted: "Sproat! An old Philadelphia family." "Oh, yes," Mr. Penrose recollected. "I recall Amanda Sproat she married a stevedore. Your sister?" Mr.

He would sooner be a stevedore on the wharf at Phalerum; and finally, like one who makes a dash to more quickly overcome an obstacle, he abruptly proposed to make her his wife, turning his fortune over to her, and to take her to smiling Zacynthus with its flowery fields and its rose-colored mountains, so like those of Attica.

Now Mr Button, before joining the ship at Boston, had spent a good while lingering by the quay, having no money wherewith to enjoy himself in a tavern. He had seen something of the lading of the Northumberland, and heard more from a stevedore. No sooner had he cast off the falls and seized the oars, than his knowledge awoke in his mind, living and lurid.

I went at once from the Alcaldia to the Ministry and called upon a Guipuzcoan politician, as my father had previously advised me to do; but the man was a political mastodon, puffed up with huge pretensions, who, perhaps, might have been a stevedore in any other country. So he did nothing.