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Evidently he meant to announce a visitor; but before he could open his mouth a high and singularly musical voice came from the entrance hall in the exquisite opening bars of the "Salve Dimora." With one amazed cry of "Felix!" Joan and Alec rushed to the door. Yes, there stood Felix, thinner, more wizened, more shrunken, than when last they saw him on the quay at Southampton.

"That has nothing to do with it," said I. "At Marseilles I always eat bouillabaisse on the quay. Fancy eating bouillabaisse in the pouring rain!" As usual, Rogers could not execute the imaginative exercise I prescribed; so he strapped my hold-all with an extra jerk. Now, when homespun London is wet and muddy, no one minds very much.

The captain of the lugger and two of his men went ashore as soon as the craft was moored alongside the quay. A quarter of an hour later they returned with a sergeant and two soldiers. The captain pointed him out to the sergeant. The latter crossed the plank on to the deck, put his hand on Julian's shoulder, and motioned to him to follow him ashore. "Good-bye, young fellow!"

The skipper, leaving Annis unceremoniously on the quay, sprang aboard and peered anxiously down the river. The night was starlit, and he could just discern a craft coming slowly towards them. "Hoist a couple of lanterns, Jack, and call the crew up quickly," he cried to the mate. "What for?" said the other in astonishment. "You light 'em," cried the skipper excitedly.

I shall let you down into the moat, as Monsieur was let down. You cannot cross the bridges of the Seine, lest you be stopped by guards at the entrances; therefore I have employed, in this matter, the same boy who served me the other night. Go immediately from the moat to that part of the quay which lies east of the Hotel de Bourbon. You will find him waiting there in a boat.

'I own I earnestly wished it to be drained; but had you any reason for regretting it, my dear? 'Ah! you did not know, said Sophy. 'He and I used to be always there. 'He ? 'Why, will you make me say it? cried Sophy. 'Edmund! I mean Edmund! We always called it his pond. He made the little quay for his boats he used to catch the minnows there.

The fall of his oar into the water succeeded, and as Stefano stood, meditating the chances of his speculation on his deck, the boat glided away towards the quay with a swift but easy movement. Deceit, like the windings of that subtle animal the fox, often crosses its own path. It consequently throws out those by whom it is practised, as well as those who art meant to be its victims.

They went through the Pavilion de Flore and through the Galerie du Louvre until they reached a small door leading out on to the quay, where the two coupes were waiting. The Prince had already thought of one or two friends to whom the Empress could go and remain until they joined her, to help her to devise some means for leaving Paris.

Go on thinking about it, and tell me when you've made up your mind. When'll dinner be ready?" "Half an hour," said Gertie. "Well, I'll go out for a bit and look round." He took up the letter carelessly and went out. As he passed the window Gertie glanced towards it with the corner of her eye. Then, frying-pan still in hand, she crept up to the angle and watched him go down the quay.

The horses trotted briskly down to the quay, passed the row of big ships, whose masts and yards and ropes stood out against the gray sky like bare trees, and entered the long Boulevard du Mont Riboudet. Soon they reached the country, and from time to time the outline of a weeping-willow, with its branches hanging in a corpse-like inertness, could be vaguely seen through the watery mist.