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"This is the first strong drink that I have tasted for many a year," he said as he drained the goblet; "but better a broken vow than broken wits when one has much to plan and do. At least I hope the gods will think so when I meet them presently. There I am strong again. Now, say, what is your force?" We told him. "Good. And what is your plan?" We shook our heads, having none.

Isaac'll never zugzeed in the redail glothing-business in the world!" "Well," sighed the elder, who filled his armchair quite full, and quivered with a comfortable jelly-like tremor in it, at every pulsation of the engine, "I was afraid of something of the kind. As you say, Benjamin, he don't seem to have no pent for it. And yet I proughd him up to the business; I drained him to it, myself."

Before the zest is utterly drained by popular din from that word "efficiency," be reminded that the good old word originally had to do with workmanship and not with dollar-piling.... The world is crowded with bad workmen. Much of its misery and cruelty is the result of bad workmanship, which in its turn results from the lack of imagination.

The subterranean movements may then have continued until they altered the relative levels of the country, and caused the waters of the lakes to be drained off, and the further accumulation of regular fresh-water strata to cease.

No one had heard in words to what event it was due, yet every one knew that it meant nothing else than the discovery of fresh water. Ephraim now returned to confirm the glad tidings, and what an effect it produced upon the discouraged hearts! They straightened their bent figures and struggled onward with redoubled speed, as if they had already drained the water jar in long draughts.

Also, alas! that such men are too often the prey of a highly wrought nervous system that coarser natures and duller brains are spared. When he was younger I knew him at Cambridge nor, indeed a few years since, he had not drained that system; his youthful vigour immediately rushing in to resupply exhausted conduits.

There was an eminence near by, crowned by a beautiful grove, and commanding a wide prospect of the lake and of the land. It had a sunny exposure, drained of moisture, and composed of just such soil as seems suitable for a grave. Father Marquette pointed to the eminence in the lone, silent, solitary wilderness, and said, "There is the spot for my last repose."

No need now to torture himself by refraining from his water-bottle. He seized and drained it, and then falling on his knees he thanked Heaven for this deliverance.

He had endeavored to have Congress purchase copies of Greenhow's History of the Northwest Coast of North America, so that his colleagues might inform themselves about this El Dorado. There was, indeed, much ignorance about Oregon, in Congress and out. To the popular mind Oregon was the country drained by the Columbia River, a vast region on the northwest coast.

Then the gasoline tanks were emptied, the radiators drained, and the cars put away in the garage. "I do hope we can do some motor boating down there," said Jack, with something like a return of his former interest. "We shall, I'm sure," said Bess. "'They say it is ideal for the sport there." Inez had sent word to her father that an attempt would be made to free him.