"It is very modest," said Samson. "I've been thinking that I'd like to go into some kind of business and help develop the West." "Well some one has got to provide our growing population with food and clothing and tools and transportation." "And see that they don't get El Doradoed," said Harry. At early candlelight they reached the sycamore woods very hungry.

Firio had in his hand a paper, a sort of will and testament given him at the last minute, which made him master in fee simple of the ranch where he had been servant, with the provision that the Doge of Little Rivers might store his overflow of books there forever. Behold Jack clad in the habiliments of conventional civilization taken from the stock of ready-made suitings in an El Paso store!

So she dismissed the eunuchs and began to walk about, whilst Taj el Mulouk fed his eyes on her beauty and grace, without her knowledge, and fainted every time he looked at her, by reason of her surpassing loveliness.

The hollow disembodied voice of the drill sergeant floated up and then was lost in the beginning afternoon procession of carriages. With a larger boutonnière than he would have cared to wear at home, a tea rose, he was making his way through the El Louvre, when Gaspar Arco de Vaca rose from a gay table and signalled for him.

Our line was long and thin, and there was a danger of the Spaniards breaking through and attacking us in the rear or left flank. To guard against this possibility, Lawton’s division at El Caney was ordered to move on to El Pozo, and Kent’s division was under orders to draw in its left.

The British fleet bombarded Alexandria, and the British army occupied it after it had been half reduced to ashes. Soon after General Wolseley defeated Arabi and his army and the insurrection ended. A sequel to this affair was a formidable outbreak in the Soudan, under El Mahdi, a Mohammedan fanatic, who captured the city of Khartoum and killed the famous General Gordon.

The old man remembered that Borrow had two horses whom he called "la Jaca" and "el Mondragon," and that he used to take to the house of Maria Diaz "his trunk full of books which were beautifully bound." The most interesting of Eduardo Lopez' recollections of Borrow was that he "often recited a chant which nobody understood," and of which the old man could remember only the following fragment

Loftie's collection contains, however, an interesting piece of trial-work consisting of the head of a Ptolemaic queen in red granite. For pigments used at the beginning of the Fourth Dynasty, see Petrie's Medum. The rose-coloured, or rather crimson, flesh-tints are also to be seen at El Kab, and in the famous speos at Beit el Wally, both tempo Nineteenth Dynasty.

"Henry," every time she repeated his name de Spain cared less for what should happen in the rest of the world, "what are we going to do now? We can't stay here all night and take what they will greet us with in the morning." He answered her question with another: "What about trying to get out by El Capitan?" She started in spite of herself.

We were doubtful about our reception, for Yajalon was the last town in Valencia's district, and we had no documents to present to the town officials, until we should reach El Salto, the cabecera, except our general letter from Governor Lopez.