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There was one unknown traveller whose high-pitched, quavering Arab song rose far away, and grew louder as he approached, and passed us in a whirlwind of lugubrious music, and tapered slowly off into distance and silence a chant a mile long. The morning broke through flying clouds, with a bitter, wet, west wind rasping the bleak highlands.

"'Slay me and have done. Then my brother gave him the name by which he was known ever after, saying: "'Why should I slay thee, Ibrahim, the Weeper? and he produced the bottle and held it above that villain's face. "His screams were music to me, and in the joy of his black heart Moussa Isa burst into some strange chant in his own Somali tongue.

No mere squeaking double flute and a pair of boys: but a whole army of cyclops and graces, with such trebles and such bass-voices! It shall make Cyril's ears tingle in his palace! 'The chant! A noble office for me, truly! That is the very part of the absurd spectacle to which you used to say the people never dreamed of attending.

Jean was born in 1654 and was, therefore, twenty-eight. I have written both addresses as the Indians would chant them. To be sure, they will not scan according to the elephantine grace of the pedant's iambics; but then, neither will the Indian songs scan, though I know of nothing more subtly rhythmical.

Pray, ye poor people; chant and pray. If all be but a dream, to wake from this were loss for you indeed! The piazza in front of the Prefettura is my favourite resort on these nights of full moon. The evening twilight is made up partly of sunset fading over Thrasymene and Tuscany; partly of moonrise from the mountains of Gubbio and the passes toward Ancona.

Under them was a neglected orange grove, and in one of the orange-trees, amid the glossy foliage, appeared my first summer tanager. It was a royal setting, and the splendid vermilion-red bird was worthy of it. Among the oaks I walked in the evening, listening to the strange low chant of the chuck-will's-widow, a name which the owner himself pronounces with a rest after the first syllable.

So then the chant is concentrated in its sound, which sound of his is his matter. Nor is it first in time; for it is given forth together with the tune; nor first in choice, for a sound is not better than a tune, a tune being not only a sound, but a beautiful sound. But it is first in original, because a tune receives not form to become a sound, but a sound receives a form to become a tune.

Lanyard lounged on the rail, revelling in a sense of perfect physical refreshment intensified by the gracious motion of the vessel, the friendly, rhythmic chant of her engines, the sweeping ocean air and the song it sang in the rigging, the vision of blue seas snow-plumed and mirroring in a myriad facets the red gold of the westering sun, and the lift and dip of a far horizon whose banks of violet mist were the fading shores of France.

I would have you fix your eyes upon the greatness of Athens, until you become filled with the love of her; and, when you are impressed by the spectacle of her glory, reflect that this empire has been acquired by men who knew their duty and who had the courage to do it, who in the hour of conflict had the fear of dishonor always present to them." With the solemnity of the chant the young voice went on while the flag-covered casket was lifted from car to bier.

The child sings to herself as she works in a low chant, like the prattle of a brook, but ever and anon she rests her little arms on a chair and looks through the open kitchen-door far, far off where the horizon line of the blue sea dissolves in the blue sky. "See that child now, Roxy," said Miss Ruey, who sat stitching beside her; "do look at her eyes.

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