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It is not extravagant to say that any one fish may be considered a supernumerary. But when Captain Coram's ship sprung a leak and the carpenter could not stop it, and the passengers had made up their minds that it was all over with them, all at once, without any apparent reason, the pumps began gaining on the leak, and the sinking ship to lift herself out of the abyss which was swallowing her up.

If you assist me now you will find a sure help in me throughout your life. Do not think that I am a beast of prey. When you have become my deliverer I will never touch you. Pray, kindly lift me up." Gangazara thought: "Shall I take him out or not? If I take him out he may make me the first morsel of his hungry mouth. No; that he will not do. For my father's prophecy never came untrue.

But her manner froze in proportion to her inward heat. "Am I given to making promiscuous declarations of that sort?" "Not that I am aware of. But you have rather original ideas on the platonic question; and one can never quite tell where you draw the line." "I draw it at telling a man I am fond of him," she answered, with a slight lift of her head.

To give up your way for his is to die for him; and, when any one will do that, then he is able to do everything for him; for then, and not till then, he gets such a hold of him that he can lift him up, and set him down beside himself. That's how my father used to teach me, and now I see it for myself to be true." "It's all very grand, no doubt; but it ain't nowhere, you know.

"Ah, I thought so. You know my old aunt, Miss East. She lives somewhere down your way in Berkshire. She wrote to me that you were coming to-day, and asked me to give you a lift."

Hughie was conscious of a deep and grateful content, but across his content lay a shadow. If only that would lift! As he watched Thomas with his mother, he realized how far he had drifted from his own mother, and he thought with regret of the happy days, which now seemed so far in the past, when his mother had shared his every secret. But for him those days could never come again.

Harris. This, for instance " He took up the cheque and looked at it and folded it in slow fingers. "It will be a big lift to the hospital ... and the boy there will be things later for the boy " "Private room?" suggested the great man. "No the ward is better. It gives him interests keeps his mind off himself and keeps him from remembering things.

The drivers the spikers the men who nailed the rails who riveted the last links these brawny, half-naked wielders of the sledges, bronzed as Indians, seemed to embody both the romance and the achievement. Neale experienced a subtle perception with the first touch and lift and swing of the great hammer. And there seemed born in him a genius for the stroke.

That's it; now, Tom, pass the end of the pole through this eye; capital! now through the other; that's your sort! Now I'll take the fore end of the pole and you the after end; lift handsomely; have you got your end on your shoulder? Then off we go.

The other exercises for the manipulation of the throat tend to correct catarrhal conditions. Observing all the conditions, lift the right foot, knee straight, as high as possible, then slowly release it, then lift the left in the same way. The movement should also be done in quadruple rhythm.