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The last and hardest trial of all long debility and frequent illness had failed to shake this intense serenity. He was never cross or unreasonable, and tried to give as little trouble as possible; but was grateful to a degree for every thing that was done for him: he could even manage to thank people for their advice, whether he took it not.

I felt already an affection for the unknown; I pitied his misfortunes, and was grateful for the kind expressions he made use of. "Yes," exclaimed I, "your generous purpose shall be effected. I wish my letters may afford you consolation equal to that which I shall derive from yours."

"She who is dead deserves more gratitude for her liberality and kindness!" Dada shook her head. "No," she said firmly. "I am grateful, even for the smallest kindness; I have not often met with disinterested generosity. But she had an end in view I must say it once for all. She wanted to make use of me to bring shame on Marcus and grief on his mother.

The knight was sorrowful no longer; yet he could hardly voice his thanks through his broken utterance. And having spent the night in rest, after listening to Allan-a-Dale's singing, he mounted his new steed the following morning an altogether different man. "God save you, comrades, and keep you all!" said he, with deep feeling in his tones; "and give me a grateful heart!"

On the 27th of February Cardinal Antonelli notified France and Austria that the Holy Father was grateful to them for their good services, but that he thought he could himself maintain order in his States, and so would beg of them to withdraw their troops.

"You might get to know the real names of the people I'm dealing with, and as there is a woman in the business I don't feel I ought to give her name away even to you. No. I reckon I'll pull through alone, but if you'd give me a sofa to sleep on to-night I'd be grateful. Then I can get away in the morning." Kellerman did not press the point. "I'll give you better than a sofa," he said.

Of these we have no record; let us enumerate a few of the scholars of an elder age whose books proved fatal to them, and whose sorrows and early deaths were brought on by their devotion to literature. What antiquary has not been grateful to Leland, the father of English archaeology!

Toward six o'clock, as she was sitting with her mother under the plane tree, the vicomte appeared. Jeanne's heart began to throb wildly. The young man approached them apparently without any emotion. When he was close beside them, he took the baroness' hand and kissed her fingers, then raising to his lips the trembling hand of the young girl, he imprinted upon it a long, tender and grateful kiss.

But I have no right to speak to you in that way, he added, more kindly, seeing the profound humiliation which fell upon her. 'You meant to come to my aid at a time when I seemed to you lonely and miserable. It was a generous impulse, and I do indeed thank you. I shall always remember it and be grateful to you. Marcella's face was again in shadow.

By the way, you'd better make a note of the location of this house in case you need to find me again. Three hundred and forty Bellevue, remember it? Here, take my card and write it down." It took them twenty minutes to reach the foot of Beacon street, and here Wilson asked him to stop. "I've got to begin my hunt from here. I wish I could make you understand how more than grateful I am."