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My father, one of the most noble, upright, and righteous of men, you made out to me, to me, his only child, to be no better than a common thief. I did not turn you from my doors for your base words. I pitied you. In spite of myself I liked you; in spite of myself I believed you.

And Medeia's heart pitied the heroes, and Jason most of all; and she answered, 'Our father is stern and terrible, and who can win the golden fleece? But Chalciope said, 'These men are not like our men; there is nothing which they cannot dare nor do.

She grew worse after the ship sailed; the sailors took care of her. Father Jack was a sailor on this ship, and he pitied her very much, and he did all he could for her. But she died and left me, an infant. "Nobody knew what to do with me; they all said I would die all but Father Jack; he asked the doctor to give me to him. The doctor said:

The world without instruction, poisoned by lust and hate and ignorance; because he pitied 'flesh, so circumstanced, he sought on their account the joy of wisdom. Why then would you molest and hinder one who seeks to banish sorrow from the world? The ignorance that everywhere prevails is due to false pernicious books, and therefore Bodhisattva, walking uprightly, would lead and draw men after him.

"Speak to Esther, my dearest," said Richard, breaking the silence presently. "Tell her how it was." I met her before she could come to me and folded her in my arms. We neither of us spoke, but with her cheek against my own I wanted to hear nothing. "My pet," said I. "My love. My poor, poor girl!" I pitied her so much.

Ann admired and loved Hannah, because she had what she, herself, had not; and Hannah loved and pitied Ann because she had not what she had. It was a sweet little friendship, and would not have been, if Ann had not been free from envy and Hannah humble and pitying. When Ann told her what a long stint she had to do before school, Hannah would shed sympathizing tears.

He then told me to shove off, which I did without waiting for a second order. The pirates pulled away at the same time. We were a melancholy party, as soon as we found ourselves left to ourselves. The old Frenchman was sad enough, and all of us pitied him. He made no complaint of the boy, notwithstanding, and little was said among us about the robbery.

After laying on some thirty or forty stripes, old master untied his suffering victim, and let her get down. She could scarcely stand, when untied. From my heart I pitied her, and child though I was the outrage kindled in me a feeling far from peaceful; but I was hushed, terrified, stunned, and could do nothing, and the fate of Esther might be mine next.

'We have done everything we can, he said, 'the money is at his order there, if the cablegram gets over before twelve o'clock to-morrow, as of course it will. 'Very well, then, good-bye, said the girl with a smile, holding out her hand. If any man more miserable and dejected than John Kenyon existed in the broad dominion of Canada, he was indeed a person to be pitied.

"Ah, Félix," she said, "if you really pitied me, you would get him out of Paris!" And she fell to weeping as if her heart would break. I had no skill to comfort her. I bent my head before her, silent. At length she sobbed out: "It boots little for us to quarrel over what you shall say to M. de Mar, when we know not that you will ever speak to him again. And it was all my fault."

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