"Bug," he said earnestly, "if you are really grateful to me for saving you from a term in prison, I'll tell you how you can prove it. Your brother told me the whole story of your life, and what a shadow it has cast on your home. You are breaking your mother's heart, and even your father feels the disgrace keenly, and would welcome you back if you came prepared to lead a different life.

"If you will stand here beside me you will see the gap in the railing caused by the breaking away of the fragment which now lies on Mr. Meyer's desk. Some few yards to the left in the street below is where the assault took place, of which we have heard, and the unfortunate Mr.

Doesn't charity cover a multitude of skins, though? And doesn't it beat a jimmy when it comes to breaking into society!" Mary Virginia, he added in an altered voice, had been exquisite in a frock all silver lace and shimmery stuffs like moonbeams, and with a rope of pearls about her throat, and in her black hair.

She could hear the sweet strains of the organ in the church and the soprano singing the Gloria. She held her hand on her heart for a moment, as though it were breaking, and suddenly her soul was born anew.

"Why, you old dear, all that has gone out. Hereabouts, nowadays, a father never goes to a wedding only to funerals." She paused and, with the idea of breaking it to him in bits, resumed: "Besides, it was all done in a hurry, in too much of a hurry." He took it in, but at the wrong end. "Sick of him already, eh? Well, it isn't because I did not warn you. Where is he?" Cassy moved back.

Keepum hopes to continue the old man in prison, that he may succeed in breaking down the proud spirit of his daughter. The Commissioner listens attentively to the reading of the objections. The first sets forth that Mr. McArthur has a gold watch;

However, I could not reach it, and for a while was insensible; then the violent striking and breaking up of the wreck again roused me to recollection; I found myself near the cabin-windows, and the water was rising round me. It rapidly increased, and the horrors of drowning were present to my view; yet do I remember seeing the furniture of the cabin floating about.

I'm not going to have him joy-riding over the country, breaking his neck and getting into trouble. I've seen him driving Wallace Sayre's car, and he drives like a fool or a madman." It was an old dispute and a bitter one. Mr. Wheeler got up, whistled for the dog, and went out. His wife turned on Nina. "I wish you wouldn't bring these things to your father, Nina," she said.

I really do not like to break the seals." "That they will not contain pleasant intelligence, I admit," replied his lordship; "but until you have read them, I do not wish to converse with you on the subject, therefore," said he, taking up the packet, and breaking the seals, "I must now insist that you employ this forenoon in reading them through.

To save the tribe from breaking up, by the continual loss of real Makololo, it ought at once to remove to the healthy Batoka highlands, near the Kafue.