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"O Emir!" the Arab said, after a salaam. A wild fanfare of clarions, cymbals, and drums drowning his voice, he drew nearer, almost to the stirrup. "O Emir!" he said again. This time he was heard. "What wouldst thou?"

I sprang forward like a famished wolf, and very nearly toppled heels over head into the water, when, had I escaped drowning, I should, at all events, have spoiled the remainder of my powder in my eagerness to grasp my prey.

Without an instant's hesitation, Merritt threw off the jacket he had put on when it started to blow, and slipped off his shoes. He was overboard and striking out for the drowning boy before those in the Flying Fish even realized his purpose. With swift, powerful strokes he got alongside Sam just as the owner of the hydroplane was going down for the third time.

He had been nigh to drowning in the depths, and out of his pocket, to be lost for ever, had fallen the jewel of youth; but somehow he had managed to scramble to the bank and to pull himself out, and he made a step forward and swept the horizon to see if his journey was at an end; then hesitated remembering.

The pace was terrific: on nearing the playground wall, all the events of a lifetime might have flashed across the memory as at the last gasp of a drowning man; and if fortunate enough to whiz through the doorway, and pull up "all standing" on the level stretch beyond, it was to draw a deep breath, and regard the successful performance of the feat as an escape from catastrophe which was nothing short of miraculous.

"Dispose of that," he said in German, and passed on, finishing his sentence to Von Winterfeld in the same cheerful tone in which it had begun. The deep impression of helplessly drowning men that Bert had brought from the actual fight in the Atlantic mixed itself up inextricably with that of the lordly figure of Prince Karl Albert gesturing aside the dead body of the Vaterland sailor.

Nor were those efforts without success, for we had long ago gnawed the string which fastened its mouth: it opened with the motion of the waves, and corn, rats and all, floated upon the surface of the raging billows! Down in two seconds went the corn, swallowed up by the sea; still we struggled, drowning rats that we were, to save ourselves by desperate swimming.

The author is baptized Narrowly escapes drowning Goes on an expedition to the Mediterranean Incidents he met with there Is witness to an engagement between some English and French ships A particular account of the celebrated engagement between Admiral Boscawen and Mons.

If you saw me drowning in the water, you'd jump in after me, wouldn't you? Or after any of the girls if there wasn't time to get help?" "I suppose so but that's different. It just means going in quickly, without time to think very much about it. And you had plenty of time to think while you were tramping along that horrid dark trail after me."

To do so they would have had to pull apart his diving suit, or at least pull off one leg of it, and this would have meant drowning the diver. Joe, holding to the heavy rope, was a few feet off the bottom of the reservoir now. To work effectively he must stand directly on the bottom, and he must be held down in some way.