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Glory saw him kneel down, and gave a running jump and went clear over Slim's head. Slim hit for the closest fence, and he never looked back till he was clean over on the other side. Mamma! I was sure amused. I thought Glory had done about everything there was to do but I tell yuh, that horse has got an imagination that will make him famous some day."

Let the man who has never felt on his lips, the warm kiss of a woman who is ready to give herself to him, throw the first stone at me ... "... Well, a minute more ... you understand what I mean? A minute more and ... I should have been ... no, she would have been ... I beg your pardon, he would have been!... when a loud noise made us both jump up.

If it will jump your releases ten per cent. they ought to pay me quite a lot more than they're paying me now." "You're doing pretty well as it is," Burns reminded her, with a visible dampening of his eagerness. "For keeping your cut-and-dried stories from falling flat, yes.

He did not appear to jump, or spring, or in any way to hurry himself, but we saw him then go to the end of another branch and catch hold of an opposing bough. He then grasped them together with both hands, and finding the other sufficiently strong to support him, deliberately swung himself on to it; thus on he went among the lofty summits of the trees, till he was lost to sight.

The fact of the willow growing there showed that there was a permanent water-hole at the spot, and that, therefore, the depth must be considerable. He dragged in the rope slowly, for Arthur seemed scarcely able to support his burden. "Keep keep up, brother!" he cried out, considering whether he should not make the rope fast and jump in to help him.

It will therefore be seen that Dick was exactly right, when he said they were a mile and a half from Central Park. "That is too far to walk," said Frank. "'Twon't cost but six cents to ride," said Dick. "You mean in the horse-cars?" "Yes." "All right then. We'll jump aboard the next car."

"I'm I'm trying to!" almost shouted Cora, as she exerted more strength on the brake lever. "I've done all I know, now, but but we don't seem to be stopping!" She spoke the last words in a curiously quiet voice. "Put on the brakes!" called Bess. "They are on!" said Cora fiercely. "Oh, Cora!" screamed Isabel. "I see the train! There at the foot of the hill! We'll run into it! I'm going to jump!

Springing to his feet he made a wild jump upward and, as luck would have it, caught at the branch of a tree above his head, and, getting a firm grasp, drew himself up just as the dog, with its teeth snapping, sprang at him. "Crickets!" said the boy to himself, "but that was a close shave," meantime climbing up into the tree to a more comfortable perch. "I don't know which of them I like the least.

The girl felt the man's changed attitude without in the least understanding it. She thought it had been the cry of the child that made him jump up and fling her hands from him with that sudden "Hark!" in the moment when he had almost yielded. She did not know that an inner voice had called him.

With a cheer Harry was about to spring down into the aperture when Frank, with a quick exclamation, drew him back. "Jump back for your life!" he shouted. Harry was accustomed to obeying his brother in everything, and jump backward he did with an agility that would have done credit to a gymnast.