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Once or twice I thought of springing up and killing the man; but in so doing I should very likely have roused others, and we should have lost any future chance of escaping." This result of the captain's expedition put me into low spirits again, for I fully expected that the blacks would kill us all in the morning, and my only surprise was that they had not so done already.

"'Yes, replied the unfortunate man, with a convulsive gasp, 'but he has no terrors of the future he is an unbeliever! "At this moment a young Indian raised his tomahawk at me. By springing aside, I partially avoided the blow, which was intended for my skull, but which alighted on my shoulder.

Suddenly Manisty said, with an entire change of tone, springing to his feet as he did so: 'In short, Miss Foster my cousin Eleanor is one of the ablest and dearest of women and she and I have been completely wasting each other's time this winter! Lucy stared at him in astonishment. 'Shall I tell you why? We have been too kind to each other!

But I conjure you in the name of God and the King, I conjure you to announce in your own lofty language, that there shall be a stop put to this conspiracy, which I fear might have the effect of springing a mine that would blow up your administration. This letter 'hastily written upon the spur of the occasion is already too long, yet he calls upon his countrymen to allow him to 'indulge a little more my own egotism and vanity, the indigenous plants of my own mind. His whole genealogy, Flodden and all, we hear over again.

Some of them ran to the bulwarks, and shouted "Mercy! We surrender!" and the English broke into a cheer and called to them to run her alongside. "Silence!" shouted Amyas. "I take no surrender from mutineers. Senor," cried he to the captain, springing into the rigging and taking off his hat, "for the love of God and these men, strike! and surrender a buena querra."

The girl put her hand in his, springing up, and they darted into the dark windings together, making little rushes forward, hand in hand; then poising on one foot and listening. "They might turn back you know, Velasco." "Do you hear the bells?" "Not yet." Then they ran on.

We all saw it now and recognized it with a thrill of horror. It was the body of Colonel Gaylord. He was lying on his face at the bottom of the pool, and with outstretched arms was clutching the mud in his hands. The still water above him was as clear as crystal but was tinged with red. "It's my uncle!" I cried, springing forward. "He's fallen over the bank. He may not be dead."

In the meantime we employed ourselves in seeking bird's eggs for our sick, of whom we now had several, and in melting snow by the fire for drinking water. On the 15th of June, the ice in which we were embedded, broke up, and a favorable wind springing up, our men handled their oars so well, that by the 17th we had reached the most northerly point of the island.

"And, as the boss used to be sabin', just to make assurance doubly sure, if YoU would address it for me I would be writing' a bit of a line myself, conveying' to her me sentiments on the subject." "Oh, fine, Katy; Marian would be delighted!" cried Linda, springing up.

"For the love of God, Pilot," exclaimed Duff, springing up and gripping Barry's hand, "it's good to see you, but what are you doing here?" "I came up for McCuaig," said Barry, after a warm greeting to both. "Oh, say, that's good. We have got him as far as the next dugout here, the old bear. I've been trying to get him out for half a day. There's a soldier for you!