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"I I hope there is nothing wrong," the occupant of the room stammered. "That entirely depends upon you," Field replied. "So long as you tell the truth " "I'll tell you nothing else," Acton said. He had risen now and was standing with his back to the fire, a tall man with a pale face and mournful eyes. "Look here, Field, there is no use playing with the fact that you and I have met before.

Your brother will be pleased; the old lady and gentleman will not object, I think; you will escape from a disorderly, comfortless home into a wealthy, respectable one; and you love Edgar, and Edgar loves you. All seems smooth and easy: where is the obstacle? 'Here! and here! replied Catherine, striking one hand on her forehead, and the other on her breast: 'in whichever place the soul lives.

"Commander of the faithful," replied Abou Hassan, "how great soever my tortures may have been, they are all blotted out of my remembrance, since I understand my sovereign lord and master had a share in them.

This demand was not pleasing to Thaddeus, but he good-humoredly replied, "I knew not till you were so kind as to inform me that a man's temper depends on his clothes." "Else, I suppose," cried she, interrupting him, "you would have changed yours before? Therefore, I expect you will do as I bid you now, and put on a Christian's coat against you next enter this house."

"All shall be as you say, now that I have the happiness of seeing you sitting opposite me, but don't be surprised if I show a most unappreciative appetite." "What is the matter?" she asked breathlessly. "You certainly look very ill." "I have been drugged and robbed," he replied, lowering his voice. "I imagine I came to close quarters with death itself.

"Look here," said Fred, excitedly, "of course, we're enemies, Scar; but we want to help you all the same." "I suppose we must surrender now," said Scarlett, sadly. "I can do no more. Have you your men outside?" "No; I haven't got my men outside," cried Fred, in a boyish, petulant way. "Can't you believe me? What am I to say?" "Nothing, Fred Forrester," replied Scarlett, mournfully.

The stronger evidence a man has of his own internal improvement, the stronger will be his conviction of the truth of the religion he professes." "There are worse men than I am, Doctor," said Mr. Flam, rather seriously. "Sir," replied he, "I heartily wish every gentleman had your good qualities.

He was the kind of man whose profession would lead him to hang around the Registrar's court in order to get on the track of unlicensed women and to get them in his power. Mrs. Lau was up and worshipping in her room. She came and said to Tai Yau: "Who is this?" seeing the strange man sitting on a chair. "What is this strange man doing here?" Tai Yau replied, "Oh, he is a shopman and is my husband."

"Alas, Cinq-Mars!" replied the King, sadly; "is it thou who hast been guilty of these crimes?" "Yes, Sire; and I also bring you my sword, for no doubt you came here to surrender me," said he, unbuckling his sword, and laying it at the feet of the King, who fixed his eyes upon the floor without making any reply. Cinq-Mars smiled sadly, but not bitterly, for he no longer belonged to this earth.

On the top of the umbrella were a number of curious signs, of which the children could not possibly imagine the meaning. "Obbly bobblee wallee bobbel ob," said the Ambassador, bowing three times, and dragging the Dodo's head down with him each time. "Flop!" replied the Little Panjandrum, and the two musicians fell on their faces. "Um sopelee gumbos galapaloo glab," remarked the Ambassador.

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