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Trenor's eye had the haggard look of the sleep-walker waked on a deathly ledge. "Go home! Go away from here" he stammered, and turning his back on her walked toward the hearth. The sharp release from her fears restored Lily to immediate lucidity.

"But your husband told me the other day that when you and he were in Geneva a couple of years ago, the view of Mont Blanc used to er upset you." "View of Mont Blanc?" Nellie stammered. Everybody was aware that she and Denry had never been in Switzerland before, and that their marriage was indeed less than a month old. "You misunderstood me," said Denry, gruffly. "My wife hasn't been to Geneva."

"I'm sure that's wrong, Mr. Armadale," she said, and turned her head aside quickly, for she was smiling in spite of herself. "I meant it as an apology for for holding your hand too long," stammered Allan. "An apology can't be wrong can it?" There are occasions, though not many, when the female mind accurately appreciates an appeal to the force of pure reason. This was one of the occasions.

He spoke to her as if she were a child, and she, with lowered eyes, her face flushed, fingering a corner of her apron, stammered a few words in the Ivizan dialect: "No, I am not pretty. I am at your lordship's service." Febrer brought the interview to a close, telling Pèp and his children to go to his house. The peasant knew Antonia, and the old woman would be very glad to see him.

He stopped and colored, but added hopefully, "I reckon I'm safe, anyway, for just as the thing was over those same clerks of Van Loo's came bounding into the office to buy up everything. And offered to take it off my hands and pay the margins." "And you?" said both men eagerly, and in a breath. Barker stared at them, and reddened and paled by turns. "I held on," he stammered. "You see, boys"

Putting punctilio in his pocket, he threw open his door, and had before him a much-perplexed Baron of Doom, wrapped from neck to heel in a great plaid of sombre tartan and carrying a candle! Doom stammered an inaudible excuse. "Pardon!" said Count Victor, ironically in spite of himself, as he saw his host's abashed countenance. "I fear I intrude on a masquerade. Pray, do not mind me.

But it was all right. The man counted right up to a hundred, and once or twice, to Fred's huge amusement, when he stammered, and lost track of his numbers, he went back and counted several of them over again! But he finished at last, and Fred heard him come stumbling down the gully. He seemed to hesitate then. "May I really go now?" he asked.

The girls gasped with relief, but still had the strange feeling of one who has been speeding over the water with all sails set and suddenly finds herself in the midst of a dead calm. "B-but," stammered Amy, voicing the general sentiment, "we thought were afraid you were hurt badly " "Guess maybe I'd have thought so, too, if I'd had the chance," responded the surprising old lady ruefully.

She went out before I did, and I never heard her come back. Whatever will she think!" "But of course," he stammered, "you will explain everything to her. She knows who I am, doesn't she?" "I don't think so, and, even if she did " She stopped, and stood with eyes on the ground, doing her best to display maiden confusion. Then she began to cry.

De Guiche looked at the prince with a stupefied expression of countenance, which was not assumed. "Oh! monseigneur," De Guiche stammered out; "surely, that never seriously occurred to you." "Indeed it did.