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'And be relieved of my company, replied Pickersgill, smiling ironically 'of course you are; but I must and will have my petty revenge: and although you may, and probably will, detest me, at all events you shall not have any very formidable charge to make against me.

"A freakish ambition," he replied; "mere infatuation!" "You do not understand it, Monsieur Doltaire," I remarked ironically. "I love not endless puzzles. There is no sport in following a maze that leads to nowhere save the grave." He yawned. "This air is heavy," he added; "you must find it trying." "Never as trying as at this moment," I retorted. "Come, am I so malarious?"

The tools of industry as well as the natural resources are owned, and only by application to the owner can a man live or labor. However disastrous that ownership has been to past generations, it has bound men together in their use of what we ironically call labor saving devices; devices which have not saved labor in the interest of labor.

The news of Dick's death had already spread over the town; and those who knew of the affair at the club dinner and the taunt of cowardice did not fail to comment on the glorious end of the brave young officer who had died a hero. A splendid coward they called him, ironically. Mr. Barnby asked to see her ladyship, and not the rector.

The world will say 'fie! at us and love us; it will respect you and hate you. That is the law and the gospel," he added, smiling. "Perfect respect casteth out love" said I ironically. He waved his fingers in approval. "By the Lord, but you are pungent now and then!" he answered; "cabined here you are less material. By the time you are chastened unto heaven you will be too companionable to lose."

He knew that Leviatt had been the instrument that had caused the gates to close; he knew that it had been he who had dropped the word that had caused the finger of accusation to point to him. "Stafford didn't hire you to do it," Mary Radford had said, ironically. The words rang in his ears still. Who had told her that Stafford had hired him to shoot Radford? Surely not Stafford.

"That girl's got to be educated some if she's going to live in this family," Wally observed meditatively. "There's a whole lot she's got to learn, and the only way to learn her thorough is " "You forget," Grant interrupted him ironically, "that she's going to make gentlemen of us all." "Oh, yes sure. Jack's coming down with it already.

"It doesn't sound as though he had succeeded?" suggested Sara, amused. Molly looked at her solemnly. "He told some one afterwards Miles Herrick, the only man he ever speaks to, I think, without compulsion that I was 'the Delilah type of woman, and ought to have been strangled at birth." "He must be a charming person," commented Sara ironically.

Lucien had no mind to lay himself open to an insolent order to get out of the way from the official. He stepped aside to let the two ladies pass. "Why, that lady is the Marquise d'Espard, whom you say you know, sir," said the man ironically.

But this party was met by the Sious on Rainy River, who massacred them to a man. They were afterwards found lying in a circle on the beach, decapitated and mutilated. The heads of most of them were wrapped ironically in beaver skins, and La Vérendrye's son, Jean, was horribly cut and slashed, and his mutilated, naked body decorated with garters and bracelets of porcupine quills.

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