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And they dared not let her go "because of the people," nor, may we believe, would Alencon, Dunois, La Hire, and the rest have tolerated thus the abandonment of their comrade.

I, too, might go with them on paying fifty kran for the hire of a mule; food and drink I must provide for myself. It was a pleasant journey which began at ten o'clock on the evening of June 6. Two Arabs led me on my mule slowly and solemnly through the narrow streets of Baghdad in the warm summer night. An oil lamp flickered dully here and there, but the bazaars were brisk and lively.

The first are extremely elegant, if not too much ornamented, the last are very shabby and disagreeable. Nothing gives me such chagrin, as the necessity I am under to hire a valet de place, as my own servant does not speak the language. You cannot conceive with what eagerness and dexterity those rascally valets exert themselves in pillaging strangers.

Hattie grew actually pale, but Miss Maggie exclaimed joyfully that, of course, he would go he ought to go, to show proper respect! Father Duff said no then, very decidedly; that nothing could hire him to go, and that he had no respect to show.

It is rather a relief to me after speaking or writing. You know I have no great circuit to make. The farthest distance I have to walk is to Milby Church, and if ever I want a horse on a Sunday, I hire Radley's, who lives not many hundred yards from me.

"Your machines are all right we didn't hurt them in the least. But I can tell you one thing," he proceeded earnestly. "We don't propose to pay for the hire of the chauffeurs." "That's the talk," broke in Fred. "Pay him for the use of the cars only." "You'll pay the whole bill!" growled the automobile owner. "Not a cent more than the hire of the two cars," said Tom

I can hire a carriage to bring her over, and then, in the presence of her venerable ladyship, she can be spoken to; and won't this way save a lot of trouble?"

The case was eventually settled by the offenders paying seventy dollars, and by the governor of the mountains furnishing the missionaries with an official guaranty in writing, for their protection wherever they should be able to hire houses. The American Ambassador also procured a strong vizieral letter to the Pasha in the Tripoli district.

"Say a shilling, then; it is a bargain! I hire it of you upon credit. Good night, and call me at six o'clock." With that the young man settled himself so resolutely, and the policeman's face exhibited such bewilderment, that I burst out laughing, and came from my hiding-place. The policeman looked at me. "Do you know this this " "This gentleman?" said I, gravely.

A few days before Hans's death, the Doctor had taken it into his head he would like to hire this tower of the municipality, to which it belongs, to make a garden within its walls. He had been to examine the place a week previous, and had brought home the key of the gate, being determined to take it.