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"Here, madame," replies the surgeon dryly, indicating Arthur Dynecourt by a motion of the hand. "He who? Mr. Dynecourt?" ejaculates her ladyship in a disappointed tone. "It was all a mistake, then? I must say, Mr.

'I would wait for her twice seven years, as Jacob waited, and toil for her, as Jacob toiled, answered Hammond, 'but I should like to call her my own to-morrow, if it were possible. Nothing could be happier or gayer than the tea-drinking in Lady Maulevrier's room on the following afternoon. Her ladyship having once given way upon a point knew how to make her concession gracefully.

I appeal to your ladyship, was not your first attachment the most delightful are not the reminiscences most lasting do you not, even now, call to mind those halcyon days when love was all and everything?" "My days of romance are long past, Mr Newland," replied her ladyship; "indeed I never had much romance in my composition.

* To have this rank of Marquis restored in the family had always been my Lady Viscountess's ambition; and her old maiden aunt, Barbara Topham, the goldsmith's daughter, dying about this time, and leaving all her property to Lady Castlewood, I have heard that her ladyship sent almost the whole of the money to King James, a proceeding which so irritated my Lord Castlewood that he actually went to the parish church, and was only appeased by the Marquis's title which his exiled Majesty sent to him in return for the 15,000L. his faithful subject lent him.

Jasmin bowed again: "If monsieur's horse should unfortunately go lame," said he, suggestively, "I am afraid there will be nothing left in the stables for him to ride, if your ladyship takes the four horses."

Let not your high mightiness forget to write to me; and I will take care to answer, and let you know how I am, and whatever news there may be in this place, where I remain, praying our Lord to have your highness in his keeping and not to forget me. Sancha my daughter, and my son, kiss your worship's hands. She who would rather see your ladyship than write to you, Your servant,

All will be right again in the morning." Bessie had her doubts of that, but she tried to feel hopeful; and she was not without her consolation, whether or no. Half-past nine was the breakfast-hour at Fairfield, and Bessie Fairfax said she would prepare for her ride before going down. "Will you breakfast in your riding-habit, miss? her ladyship is very particular," said Mrs.

The frightened servant said he did not think he could keep his situation much longer; but Lady Jane begged of him to be patient. Irene had disappeared. "It is the kind of shock, your ladyship," he said to his mistress. "It's that I can't bear. There was I a-walking in as innocent as you please into my pantry, carrying the hot dishes from your ladyship's breakfast.

De Montaigne has the opportunity of procuring him a diplomatic situation, which may not again occur and but you know the man what shall we do? I am sure he will not listen to me; he looks on me as an interested rival for fame." "Do you think I have any subtler eloquence?" said Cleveland. "No, I am an author, too. Come, I think your ladyship must be the arch-negotiator."

They heard me with a loud laugh, but very readily said, "Ay, let her walk between us;" and each of them took hold of an arm. Then, in a drawling, ironical tone of voice, they asked what had frightened my little Ladyship? I told them my adventure very simply, and intreated they would have the goodness to assist me in finding my friends.

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