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The king is at a loss. He trembles as a plantain tree tossed up by tempest. He touches the feet of the sage and most piteously begs pardon of him. But the sage is obdurate. He will not be appeased. He is about to consume the offender with imprecation. The Raja again and again implores him thus: "My lord Kausika! Forgive me.

It is very sure that the way never to get what you need and desire is always to do what you like. And that for very plain reasons. Because, for one thing, the object only satisfies for a time. Yesterday's food appeased our hunger for the day, but we wake hungry again.

There was a joyous scramble amongst them, for the plunder of eleven years, gold and jewels, satins and velvets, rich plate and noble hangings were all to be had for the taking. The rescued prisoners, their hunger appeased and their clothes restored, led the search for booty.

Her health remained magnificent; her nature being adapted to an undisturbed routine, appeased by the well-ordered, even passage of her days. She had made a household religion for herself, and would have suffered in departing from it.

On returning, he found Cesarini devouring the food before him with all the voracity of famine. It was a dreadful sight! the intellect ruined, the mind darkened, the wild, fierce animal alone left! When Cesarini had appeased his hunger, he drew near to Maltravers, and thus accosted him, "I must lead you back to the past.

Yes," continued she squatting down on the floor, and muttering, "the time has been." The pacha's rage was now a little appeased.

Lord Mackrell was asked for 'more capers and not so much sauce. Various fish took part in his title of nobility. The wag Mackrell continuing to be discreetly silent, and Kit Ines acting as a pacific rearguard, the crowd fell in love with their display of English humour, disposed to the surly satisfaction of a big street dog that has been appeased by a smaller one's total cessation of growls.

But we were not disposed to be over-fastidious, and we quickly had his ribs roasting over a brisk fire: that yet was not so brisk as was our hunger, for we began to eat before the meat was much more than warmed through. When our ravening appetite was appeased a little, Young got out the coffee-pot and set to making coffee.

And so, though rather reluctantly, Margaret spoke of her dream friend, and of how, since the days of her childhood, she had managed to keep her existence a secret even from her grandfather and her governess until ten days ago, when the former, overhearing her talking to herself in the wood, had suspected the presence of a stranger, and though that had been contrary to his most stringent rules, had not been a whit appeased when he learned that the person to whom his granddaughter was talking was an imaginary one.

And having seen the hamlets and the cowpens provided for his son and having also beheld Santa, his great resentment was appeased. And O king of men! Vibhandaka expressed great satisfaction with the very ruler of the earth.

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